King Solomon obviously enjoyed his role as a great teacher of Wisdom. He stated that it is a wise man’s duty to teach all who will listen. If he lived today, I surmise he would have a large blog following. When he would encounter a fool by their foolish comments he would practice his proverbs on what to do. 

Ignore them and do not approve their comment or make a reply back comment.   

*In dealing with a fool, the best policy in certain circumstances is to say nothing by way of a rejoinder or to say as little as possible. If he is allowed to go on, he will discredit himself with his own mouth and this is the most complete and bloodless victory that can be achieved. There are certain dangers in becoming involved in a debate with a fool which are thereby avoided, for it is difficult to take on a man whose mind is indescribably confused without being tainted by his confusion. In such an encounter there is a leveling down process, and you are reduced to his level and made to look like a fool. Nothing worse is conceivable that a fool should become self-opinionated and behave as if his advice were valuable.

Do not answer a fool when he speaks nonsense, let you, too, are reduced to his level,   

Answer a fool when he speaks nonsense, lest he suppose himself to be a wise man. (Proverb 26:4-5) 

*Source Reference: Proverbs McKane