We all have various reasons for blogging, For example, it may be for social enjoyment, passion for a cause, or monetary reasons. There are many reasons. Whatever the reason, most bloggers will enjoy a sense of personal enjoyment or satisfaction when they receive a LIKE, FOLLOW, or REPLY COMMENT, which hopefully is a good will or friendly acknowledgement that someone has read their article with interest.

In a previous post, What King Solomon Would Advise Bloggers, I explained his advice why not to reply to a fool. In this post, I will now surmise what King Solomon might enjoy most if he was a blogger today, and that would be an apt remark reply comment.

What is an apt remark? An apt remark is an exactly suitable and appropriate reply. I understand that not every reply comment can be explained with a brief, apt or pithy remark. However, there are times when we basically agree with the article, that your reply to the poster might enjoy reading your apt remark reply.

For example, I recently read an interesting article by a fellow blogger expressing his opinions about the pros and cons of excessive government. I replied in reference to a Solomon proverb.

“Government is like honey. It is a healthy food when eaten in moderation. If you eat too much, it will make you sick.”

*The blogger responded with a comment that that he enjoyed my “apt remark.”

Here is another explanation of a wise apt remark in reference to a King Solomon Proverb.

** This proverb refers rather to the pleasure and sense of satisfaction which a man feels when he has spoken well and effectively and when he is aware that the weight and cogency of his apt remark has been generally acknowledged. The further point which is made in this proverb is that a sense of timing is an important aspect of effective speech. This implies that there are times when there is more virtue in silence than speech, and that it is better to say nothing than to make an unimpressive or inept interventions. To know when and then speak incisively and eloquently was an important part of old wisdom.  A man gets pleasure from an (apt) rejoinder, and what is better than a well timed word. (Proverb 15:23)

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                                                         A Blogger Challenge

May I challenge you to submit what you might reply to the following event I experienced.

One day after school my highly emotional third grade daughter came home from school and announced.

 “Today has been the worse day in my life! “

I do not remember the exact circumstance other than she did something embarrassing at school. However, I do remember not telling her the wise saying that came to my mind because she was too young and upset at the time to appreciate it..

The proverb wise saying I did not say was “Susan, calm down and don’t worry; things are goiug to improve for you. The first hundred years are the hardest.”  

If you feel so inclined, please comment what wise saying you might have said but would not, if your child came home with this announcement. Perhaps we social bloggers might enjoy reading your apt reply.