In every organization, there may be slackers that work in a halfhearted manner. Their reasons may vary.

One reason might be their self-interest attitude to just do enough to get by until they hopefully find a better position. This attitude would chagrin any result oriented leader trying to instill unity and drive to his team in order to accomplish his goals.

I surmised how the wise King Solomon would address them in an opening meeting, based on his proverb, in the following novel excerpt. The novel is a contemporary application of a story form  to promote understanding of the wisdom of Proverbs and wise sayings. 


As I sat at my table and looked upon my guests, I thought again of my purpose for bringing this group together. I had a vision of glory planned for Israel. Our God had bequeathed this land of plenty as a blessing to my people along with strong backs, brave hearts, minds, and bellies. My challenge would be to transform these gruff appearing leaders to work together to make our land secure, prosperous, peaceful and respected by other nations

I signaled to Sadoc, the High Priest to begin our meeting.  He stood and announced loudly for all to come to silence for his opening dinner prayer.

“Let us all bow our heads and pray in silence to Yahweh for allowing this gathering today. Our kingdom is at peace and all of you have arrived safely. Let us also be thankful for Solomon, our king and host, for inviting us to this banquet and may he continue to guide our future with the wisdom he displayed today. For this and all your blessings, we thank you.”

I waited a short while in silence after Sadoc sat before I signaled Ahisar, Governor of my household, who stood and bade to all. “Please, fill your cups with wine and stand. Solomon will present a toast.”

When everyone stood, I raised my cup and toasted. “Welcome all of you and thank you for coming. May we come to know and understand each other better and remain united for a brighter future. I salute you.”

I signaled for all to sit while I remained standing until the guests settled down, Then I called out to them.

“In the next few days, I will be asking you to listen to new ideas and make choices. You will have to decide if you will join as brothers with me. You cannot be silent and pretend to follow in a half-hearted way. We will need full-hearted brothers and hard work to accomplish the tasks on which we whole-heartedly agree. There will be no use for anyone that follows only his own interests in a slack and lazy way, and not the interests of his brothers. The result being that he became reckless to himself and wrecker to his brothers.” He, who works in a half-hearted way, is brother to a wrecker. (Proverb 18:9)

Source: Chapter Eight

As A Lily Among Thorns – A Story of King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, and the Goddess of Wisdom by Rudy U Martinka

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