What is the vital link between Knowledge and Wisdom? Many parents despise King Solomon’s Proverb 22:6  because even though they did everything possible for their kids (good home, good loving parents, good schools with good teachers, even college degrees,) their child turned out to be a fool.

I hinted this vital link in two previous posts. One titled  King Solomon, Will Proverbs Make Me Wise? HERE and King Solomon on Discernment of Counsel HERE

The following are three proverb excerpts from my novel which disappointed parents may despise and even test their religious faiths.


“Yahweh expects a father to take responsibility to train his son the path of righteousness when the child is young.  What is taught in youth will stay throughout his life.” Train up a youth in the way he ought to go, to the end of his life he will not deviate from it. (Proverb 22:6)

“The blessings of a righteous father’s endeavors will be that his seed will take strong root; his tree of life will become firmly established to grow healthy and flourish. The roots of the seeds of a wicked father will grow insecure; and his tree of life will be blown away and ended.” A man is not established through wickedness, but righteous men are immovable rooted. (Proverb 12:3)

“Some of you may be thinking that this story is much too simple. Many fathers will teach righteous directions to their sons, yet their sons will still wander off the straight path. A father must never cease to correct or give up hope for his son. He must ask for help from Yahweh and offer prayers and sacrifices to ask for forgiveness and mercy to safely return a wayward son from the evil path that will lead to his death.” Correct your son, for there is hope, and do not bring about his death. (Proverb 19:18)

One thousand years before Jesus Christ during the reign of King Solomon, *  Religious Leaders did not believe in a heaven or afterlife. They believed when they died, they all went first to Sheol, a bottomless pit to be judged by Yahweh. The good spirits would experience reward by being allowed to sleep in eternal peace with their forefathers. Those judged evil would first be painfully devoured by Abaddom, the destroyer of evil, and then their spirits would wander endlessly and suffer throughout eternity among the damned in Sheol. They also believed evil actions led to an early death and a testament of wisdom was the achievement of having lived a long righteous life and being blessed with a grey hair and enjoy their grandchildren.   

So what is the vital link? It is one word. HERE  

I believe we obtain this link through both good and bad experiences in our personal lives along with knowledge. Also, my faith leads me to believe that someone must have prayed for me during a time when I was an undisciplined wild youth, in hope that a numinous touch instill me with this virtue.

Regards and good will blogging.

Reference Source *  Sadducees HERE