I read this morning a young woman’s blog about abuse victims.  Her Gravatar picture shows a smiling very attractive young woman along with this statement. “I am a Christian, a survivor of abuse and a voice for the victims.”

Her personal story of the pain and suffering she endured from her abusers is not the subject of this post.  Instead it is about her wisdom of the path she has chosen to lift her spirits to help heal both herself and other victims of abuse.

She somehow overcame deep fears and anxieties on her path of healing along with benevolent counsel to help her become the strong survivor she obviously has turned out to be. Because she states she is a Christian, I believe she has also received a numinous touch in response to someone’s prayer.

I surmised in the following novel excerpts how King Solomon reacted in benevolence to the Queen of Sheba. His proverbial advice may hopefully, in a small way be relevant to this blogger and to wish her well in writing her novel. My novel is a contemporary application of a story form to promote understanding of proverbs and ancient wise sayings in relation to our modern times.


My reply seemed to surprise at first and the slowly calm Bilqis. Her composure noticeably returned as she silently reflected upon my answer. Good words will help cheer up someone anxious or depressed. To remain silent when a friend is anxious or depressed, and castigates himself or herself, is a flaw on a man with no perception or benevolence. Anxiety in a man’s mind depresses him, but a good word cheers him up. (Proverb 12:25)

Talking About to Help Lift Spirits

Before we parted, I looked upon her now calm face, absent of the frowns that I had observed a short while ago. Talking about herself seemed to help relieve the anxieties within her. A person’s face will reflect the condition of their inner spirit. Inner happiness makes the face serene, but the spirit is broken by mental suffering. (Proverb 15:13)                                                       


“Other types of friends can be an acquaintance who thinks well about you, that you are on good terms with, an ally that is not an enemy, or an advocate or supporter of your cause. All types of friends learn from each other and different outlooks and views sharpen each other’s minds. A mind is sharpened by thoughts of friends same as a tool sharpens a blade into a razor.” Iron is sharpened on iron; a man sharpened the wits of his friend. (Proverb 27:17)

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