Seems what Tom is saying is the supposedly the most powerful nation in the world needs to refocus and get our own house in order both economically and morally.

Citizen Tom

please giveWhat Got This Started?

In OF TWISTED WORDS => FEMINISM scatterwisdom and I got into a conversation about the nature of laws. That conversation began with this interesting observation.

If I may offer you this thought, laws influence public perceptions. So if a law pertains to a moral precept rather than a precept to maintain order, the precept of law becomes the new definition of morality. In other words, those in government who influence new laws are also being given the power to alter or twist morals under the guise of law. (from here)

What exactly is the difference between a law that pertains to a moral precept rather than a precept to maintain order? In response to my observations and query added the following.

What I had in mind referred to laws relative to moral beliefs of marriage, divorce, and,abortion.. When laws change the definition of…

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