Are bribes useful tools for the wise or foolish?
I received this comment from a fellow blogger Citizen Tom about my post King Solomon’s Wisdom on Truth.  HERE

The thing that frightens me is the fact we elect people like ourselves. If our leaders lie to us — and they consistently get away with it — then that is because most of us care more about something else. That is, there is something else most of us want from them that is more important to us than honesty.

I replied this to his comment,

Interesting thought you bring up. We seem to be pacified by politicians, honest or corrupt, if we get what we what, just like a baby screams for a pacifier and becomes silent when he or she gets what they want.

Have to think about it and maybe look for a King Solomon proverb to see what wisdom he may have advised about it.

After thinking, I decided to write this post. In the first three novel excerpts, I surmised how King Solomon, based on his proverbs, may have explained to the Queen of Sheba the reality and use of bribes we experience in life. The novel is a contemporary application of a story form to promote understanding of proverbs and ancient wise sayings in relation to our modern times.  

Excerpt One

A short time later Sadoc returned to inform me the priests had finally reached total agreement to support my plans. I often wondered if the deciding factor of their unanimous vote had to do with my appeal to them to guide our young men to the right path. On the other hand, was their initial fierce anger to my intrusion of their priestly authority assuaged with the realization that all the priests would share in a greater number of sacrifices?  

A discrete conveyed gift sometimes has a way to improve contemplatives in a climate of negotiations. My suggestion to take monthly turns of service was a clandestine gift, or a bribe, to deflect their anger of me interfering with their priesthood. There are times for the wise to be pragmatic in order to achieve a successful negotiation for a good purpose or intention. A clandestine gift deflects rage, and a bribe in the pocket fierce anger. (Proverb 21:14)

Excerpt Two

“Our land is now beset with a growing number of unschooled and lawless children. Yesterday, Sadoc told us a story of a young man that strayed because his father neglected his responsibility to teach his son righteousness. Think about your responsibility as a priest and leader of young men when you vote. We leaders have a greater responsibility and calling to serve Yahweh. Someday we will be judged by Yahweh on our efforts and accomplishments.”

I concluded my presentation and asked everyone to leave except for the priests so they could discuss the issues and vote in privacy. I thought as I left, their main interest and concerns focus on rituals of sacrifice. I believed that Yahweh would be more pleased with his people if they abided by his Commandments to do right, rather than by his people making sacrifices to seek forgiveness for breaking his Commandments. The doing of what is right and just is preferred by Yahweh to sacrifice. (Proverb 21:3)   

Excerpt Three

“Why are the babblers giving you this information?” I asked.

“Zabud bribed them with gold. Gold works magic with babblers. A bribe will succeed like a magic charm when used to seek information.” The bribe is a magic stone in the eyes of him that uses it; he succeeds in whatever he turns to. (Proverb 17: 8) 

I now challenge you to read Excerpt Four below and decide for yourself the wisdom, honesty, or righteousness of the bribes you will offer in your life to your God, children, fellow friend or foe, or a political campaign fund.

Excerpt Four

“Solomon, you said that all I have to do is ask and you will reveal your secrets. What is your secret for having confidence that you have made a rightful decision after deciding upon a difficult or controversial matter?”

“Bilqis, I have spent much time in thought, introspection, and in depth self-examination to acquire self-knowledge about myself. I always consider what I will see on my face in a pool of water after I have made a decision. If what I see is a look of shame, it is a mirror of what others will see of me. My secret is this, do not make any decision that you will be ashamed of in the future, for both your God and people will also see within your mind the truth of who you really are.”  As a face is reflected in water, a man’s mind is his mirror. (Proverb 27:19) 


As A Lily Among Thorns – A Story of King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, and the Goddess of Wisdom by Rudy U Martinka.

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