My fifteen year old grandson Ryan is very wise.

The other day I voiced my opinion to my fifteen year old grandson and he replied, “okay gramps, whatever floats your boat.”

After I thought some more on his reply, I have concluded that is a perfect wise solution for all the USA money problems.

Substitute the word Boat instead of Bills.  If Senate or Congressman introduces any new Bill and voices a desire for their constituents or special interests, domestic or foreign, he or she should provide a source of revenue other than another national income tax to keep their Bill (Boat) afloat instead of sinking our boats with new added tax burdens.

In other words change all new or future legislation proposed funding from income tax funding to Use Taxes.  However, since the nation is already in debt for seventeen trillion, we need to also include another tax titled “Past Congressional Foolishness Tax” which must be added to everyone’s income taxes until paid back.

Three thousand years ago King Solomon presented this proverb about the subject of borrowing.

Do not make a habit of striking hands, of going surety for debts. If you have no resources to settle them, why should your bed be taken from under you! (Proverbs 22:25, 26)

Our Country is the surety that our Congressman continues to give up by past and present continuous borrowing and printing dollars. Instead of our bed  (country) being taken from under us, our boats are sinking fast because Congress has been foolishly pulling the plug in our water (money value) reservoir dam that has kept our boats (real value of dollars) afloat.

This may also result in another method of speeding up repayment on the National Debt. Have Congress only be in session for three months. They really will not have much to discuss anymore since everything they dream up requires income tax funding and no one likes use taxes. Everyone today seems to want someone else pay for their added personal benefits, conveniences, or expenses in my personal opinion.

Regards and good will blogging.