What is the truth about rumors that King Solomon was transsexual?

Truth in ancient times was a big problem issue based on the numerous Proverbs written by King Solomon about people lying. Truth is an even bigger issue today in our modern world because of numerous sources , some being third party hearsay, medical quackery, and news commentary personalities being reported on TV, radio, newspapers, internet, blogs, sometimes originating from rumors or gossip sources.

Whenever I receive an internet news report, I have to double check for truth of the reporting on Snopes.com. Then I still wonder who really knows for sure who controls their sources of information.

Then there is a problem issue about bias reporting. For example, the New York Times editorials are blatantly bias to favor Democrat viewpoints.  How can any news editor report unbiased when he or she is controlled by the owners of news sources who have the power to hire and fire?  If the owner does not want a news item, politician, or advertiser taken to task for their folly it may never be reported or if it is, the viewpoints may be altered or skewed to either lessen or worsen the folly.

So what about my suggestive question that King Solomon was transsexual?

The truth is that I purposely wrote this “hook” line because anything reported today that suggests a sexual preference topic will get attention. Whereas, medical facts and factual accounts and statistics about public health and welfare topics that really matter and require our attention, because of the misery caused and cost to taxpayers to administer to addicts from drugs, alcoholism, crime, HIV, illegal immigration, etc. can and are propagated about from second and third party hearsay. Also, in my opinion, many news items get shelved by newscaster’s owners for political, reasons, or to protect favored people and maintain profitable readerships.

The King Solomon Proverb I have eluded to his being transsexual is this one. Read it and decide for yourself if this proverb means he was transsexual for writing it.  This is an example how truth becomes skewed.

He kisses the lips, who gives an honest reply. (Proverb 24:26)

If you are interested in my opinion of what I believe should be done by our Government to promote truth in the news that really matters, and to attack or prevent addictions, read the comments I made to a fellow blogger, Citizen Tom in my post.

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