Whenever I hear a politician make a promise, a certain proverb comes to mind.

Washington legislation closed down last week to allow all our elected politicians to go home for a five week vacation. It does not matter in Washington whether or not they accomplished any of the promises they made to their constituents. The House simply points their finger of blame at the Senate and visa verso the Senate points at the House as being the reason why their promises were not accomplished. That way, in the next election, they can claim the reason their pre-election promises did materialize was not their fault. Can you imagine how this excuse would be tolerated by your boss in private industry? No wonder most politician shudder in terror whenever someone even whispers the phrase “term limits.”

King Solomon compared a person’s accomplishments to a weather barometer of sorts. I say of sorts because barometers were not in existence in ancient times. They could gauge weather by experience. Perhaps we should also use what we experience from our politicians records that do or do not materialize before we vote for them again.

In a novel excerpt, I surmised how King Solomon, the wisest man in the world, used a weather comparison to describe a man who makes promises that never materializes. The novel is a contemporary application of a story form to promote understanding of proverbs and ancient wise sayings in relation to our modern times.

After you read the proverb, I believe you will know why I have to look up every time I hear a politician make an election time promise.


What Hiram promised, he would deliver. There are men that pose as benefactors, promise magnificent gifts, but their undertakings bear no relation to their resources. Their words are empty, same as deceptive clouds and wind that produce no rain. I believed Hiram to be a man of iron, not a man of straw with empty words and no resources. Clouds and wind and no rain, a man who boasts about a non-existent gift. (Proverb 25:14)


As A Lily Among Thorns – A Story of King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, and the Goddess of Wisdom by Rudy U Martinka

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