A blogger once asked me “What would you do if you had to face Muslim terrorists who gave you a choice to either change your religious beliefs and live under Sharia law, or die.” I replied. ”I could not answer his question because there are too many variables to consider.” Why?

Before you think I am a coward, allow me to explain my answer. Ask yourself this question about the recent events in Iraq. Why did the many of the Iraq Army defenders, trained and equipped by US forces, leave behind all their military equipment, and retreat without fighting to their death?  There are many variables as to why. Poorly trained, lack of wise political or military leadership, religious beliefs, etc. However, there is also this variable to consider.

Was the only reason they joined the army only to profit in order to survive their circumstance because they had no other choice? When confronted, did they retreat because they felt no matter who runs the country or what laws are effected upon them, or religious beliefs, nothing was going to change their circumstances of being poor and subservient to the rich and powerful? In other words, they have no incentive to fight and die. Religion can be used to motivate both evil and good actions. Freedom is just a word to a poor man.

King Solomon wrote a proverb below which should be a lesson for all leaders and the powerful rich who overlook the plight of their countrymen and their families. Consider this when you think about where all the profit from oil in the Middle East has been used or distributed to mainly the rich and powerful instead of being distributed among the poor.

He who stops his ear to the cry of a poor man will himself cry out and not be answered. (Proverb, 21:13)

Solomon also wrote proverbs about being a fool when you give to people who are lazy.  However, I believe the above proverb applies to people who are poor because they have no options or circumstances to earn an honest living.

Also consider this question. How much wealth from oil profits has been spent to buy armaments, luxuries, and wars in the Middle East? Then consider if the money had been distributed for welfare of the poor in the countries fighting instead, would the Middle East and the world be a better place to live than now.

In my opinion, Congress should consider these questions when they debate Obama’s latest funding request for additional US military and treasure again in the Middle East.  I wonder what the approval polls for the politicians who will approve his request would reveal if a war tax is passed to pay for additional funding instead of more borrowing and deficit spending. Or by shifting funds from US programs to benefit US present needs to improve health, education, job growth, and infrastructure.

Regards and good will blogging.