Solomon was right on the mark about the USA in the Middle East when he made this prophecy 3000 years ago.

For what will the man do who is to come after the King? What men have already done. (Ecclesiastes 2:12) 

I interpret today’s meaning of the prophecy this way.

For what will the Obama do who is to come after the Bush? What Congress have already done.  

Why? Because we rushed into Iraq under Bush with Congressional approval. Ironically Obama voted against invading Iraq. We rushed to bomb a Sunni ISIS takeover in Iraq. They countered by beheading an American. So we now have a war strategy to send more American planes and troops back to Iraq, the same country that kicked us out. Now the same Congress that voted to approve Bush’s war will soon vote to approve Obama’s war.

Ironically, no Muslim countries want to get involved in a European and USA coalition to combat ISIS with their troops. Six thousand ISIS fighters routed 30,000 Iraq defenders trained for eight years and equipped with US Military armaments.

Perhaps the US advisers to the President should start reading King Solomon’s writings to help them make strategy decisions about continuing Middle East foreign aid, armaments, and wars costing US lives and treasure.

If you are interested in my personal opinion, read previous posts referenced below. Perhaps if we stopped all foreign aid and armaments, the Muslims will figure out on their own how to live in peace with each other. I personally think if King Solomon was alive today he would use one word to describe US policy in the Middle East and the word he uses will not be wise.

Regards and good will blogging.


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