King Solomon was right on the mark about Putin’s expansion in Ukraine and Crimea when he made this prophecy 3000 years ago.

For what will the man do who is to come after the King? What men have already done. (Ecclesiastes 2:12) 

I relate the prophecy to Putin this way.

For what will the Putin do who is to come after the Hitler? What Ivan the Terrible have already done.  

Why? I read a Chicago Tribune Perspective on September 19, 2014 soon after writing a similar post about the same prophesy in relation to Obama and the Middle East. The author’s ending comment is this: “It remains to be seen whether the West can curtail the Russian expansion as it did in the past or perhaps alter Russia’s traditional historical trajectory once and for all.”

You decide if you want to read the article referenced below. According to King Solomon’s prophecy, it never will. There will always be another power hungry leader that will do the same as history and the prophesy bears out.

Will world leaders ever wise up? Perhaps they should start reading King Solomon’s writings to help guide them from repeating the same old foolish decisions recorded in history that just keep on being repeated over and over again.

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