Are we being manipulated by politicians and news media?

In a previous post titled King Solomon’s Wisdom on Truth, I brought up the question of truth being told to us by politicians. I believe there are other reasons though why politicians do not tell us the truth.  There is both positive and negative manipulation.  In fact , there are a host of explanations of psychological manipulations in the Wikipedia referenced below. However, nothing is decided as to whether it is wise or foolish manipulation,

In current news we read and hear the pros and cons of Ebola. Why there is so much controversy is the question that makes me wonder. Am I being told the truth or being manipulated by politicians who deem it is in my best interests to withhold the truth from me?

What I am confused about Ebola is this. If it take twenty one days to know for certain a person has not contracted Ebola, why is it possible for a person flying in from West Africa to not be quarantined for the same amount of time before being allowed to board a plane to the US? For example, if a person becomes infected on day one and two days later boards a plane and does not have a fever when he lands, are they being allowed eighteen more days to wander around the USA? If so, how effective is controlling Ebola from spreading by just checking their temperature at the airport on day three instead of day twenty one?

Why is there so much distrust for politicians? Is it possible that the reason there is such a low rating for Congress because voters no longer have trust in their leaders because they are either incompetent, untruthful, or fools that believe they are more intellectual than their constituents?

“You can’t handle the truth and we politicians are more intellectual and wiser than you. And by the way, to all you constituents we serve, thanks for voting for us.”

If so, my question to politicians is this. If in your great wisdom, you have passed a law stating we are old or mature enough to vote, then why do you believe we are not capable of handling the truth?

Of course, there is always a possibility that the news sources and commentators are manipulating us. Too or also, is another question we voters have to consider.  However once we find out not to trust a news source, we can turn them off. However, with a politician, we have to wait out their term, and in my opinion, the politicians all know most voters have short memories.  Also, anyone who ever tried to run for office against a long-time incumbent will come to know it is almost impossible for an incumbent to lose.

The reason being, especially in local politics, is that incumbent has an inherent power to influence hiring and government purchase contracts. The result is that unless an incumbent really screws up, he will always have thousands of assured votes “in the bag” over a new candidate because of voter support by the job or contract holders, and their relatives and friends, who benefit as a result of the incumbent influence.

That is why it is so difficult for a new candidate to win over incumbents who always have a big lead in the votes over a new candidate.  Then again there is always the old political ploy that crafty political leaders know and use. Run a third candidate to dilute the new candidate’s potential votes.

Term limits in my opinion is the only solution for this problem.

Three thousand years ago King Solomon wrote two proverbs which I believe are still relevant for politicians and news sources to consider.

  1. Truthful speech lasts forever, but false speech only for a moment. (Proverb 12:19)
  2. The fool is the one who relies on his intellect, but it is a man of wise conduct who escapes harm. (Proverb 28:26)


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