Why bother voting?

What is worse than not voting is voting for someone you know nothing about their character. How do you judge someone’s character if you do not know them personally? What does voting have to do with King Solomon on Wreckers?

In an earlier post, King Solomon on Voting for a Leader, HERE, I explained how in ancient times, men voted who they would follow into battle.

It was much simpler then to vote then because they personally knew the character of the person. In today’s modern world, we for the most part do not know the true character of the person other than his or her name on the ballot, so why should you even bother to vote. If this is the case for you, think about the meaning of this King Solomon wisdom proverb. 

He who works in a half-hearted way, is brother to a wrecker. (Proverb, 18:9)

The one envisaged is slack and lazy in his business. He does not act as if he expected to be successful and his half-hearted unconvincing efforts are ruinous. He is a brother to a wrecker in a sense that although he does not ruin himself by wild insensate behavior which is devoid of self-interest and self-destructive, yet the end of his lethargy coincides with that of recklessness. (Proverbs Mc Kane)

Is a non-voter a slacker because he or she don’t know who to vote for? In a way, yes, because they are all part of a community whether they realize it or not. By not being concerned with the issues of the community, they allow small numbers to control the final outcome of the election.

In my opinion, everyone should consider the one issue which personally effects them. Are they better off now by the results of the people voted into office in the last election who stated their number one priority was jobs? While the numbers of people working are up, the wages being paid to the poor and middle class are down.

All politicians know the reason US wages are down, yet they have done nothing to solve the issue of imbalanced trade. The proof is shown in the balance of trade figures every month. More goods are imported into the USA than exported, in an amount of one-half trillion dollars.

This means the more dollars that are paid for imports are not being used to buy USA products in return. The end result is US workers skills to manufacture and produce goods along with the better wage jobs have decreased. The dollars sent out are being used instead to buy up American assets or borrowed back to the US to pay for Government deficits. Part of the reason for the deficits is more people are being subsidized with social benefits because they do not make livable wages.

The US slackers in Congress have allowed this to happen because slacker voters keep re-electing the same lack of character traits of the candidates over and over who make promises and doing nothing about trade deficits.

So if you don’t know who to vote for, in my opinion, vote for somebody new to replace all the slackers now in office in Congress who know the real problem but are too slack to do anything about it for your brother US workers.

Free trade should also be fair trade. If the dollars paid for imports are not being used to buy American products as was the original premise for fair trade in the beginning, the trade is not fair for US workers.

Regards and good will blogging and voting tomorrow.