Why compare King Solomon to marijuana “flocks?”

Many Proverbs written by King Solomon were to give wisdom advice by using comparisons. For example good versus evil, wise versus foolish.

Many old sayings are expressions of wise observations written over time. For example, this 16th Century English saying.

“Birds of a feather ‘flock’ together”   

Now compare this following news headline reported by AP News on December 24, 2014,

“Denver Shelters Blame Homeless Increase on Legalized Weed” HERE ,

to this  news statement written in the Bible three thousand years ago.

And the nations ‘flocked’ to Jerusalem to hear the matchless Wisdom of Solomon.” (I Kings 4:34) 

I wonder if Denver voters were  wise or foolish to “flock” together to legalize weed.

You decide  which news report you would prefer to  see in your local newspaper. 

Additional Reference 

King Solomon on Wine and Marijuana HERE