Ever wonder why in ancient times subjects proclaimed “Long Live the King?”

Three thousand years ago, he wrote a proverb.  I surmised in a novel this explanation about wise consultation. The novel is a contemporary application of a story form to promote his wisdom in relation to our modern times. 

“When you listen to the plans, think of yourself as a consular and advisor who will contribute to the plans. You must feel free to voice your concerns. We must have the widest consensus to produce the best plans that will succeed and stand the test of time. When this gathering ends, your plans must be our plans.” Where there is no consultation, plans come to nothing, but where there are many advisers, they stand the test of time. (Proverb 15:19) 

I challenge you to take a peek of a summary of what has occurred in the US Senate this month. HERE 

Summary of Total of 28 Votes 

Tabled  9   (Tabled means to put on a shelf,, archive, or long-term storage device, where the topic has been disposed of by sending it to the ‘table’ and leaving it there.)

Rejected 12 (Including  one bill to reject only using US manufactured products to build the pipeline.)

Agreed to 6 (Includes three votes relative to Keystone. One vote invoked cloture, or only allow a maximum of thirty more hours to debate the Keystone Bill and then take a final vote,)

Passed 1 

The Irony of all of the consultation that took place in the Senate this month is regardless of the final vote on Keystone is President Obama will probably veto the bill even when it is passed.

In my opinion, King Solomon is rolling in his grave , or perhaps searching for his sword,  if he is watching or listening to the news about the Keystone project which has been in consultation for at least five years now in the US Senate.

PS  I wonder why the Senate rejected the bill to only use US manufactured products if one of the purposes of Keystone is to create jobs? Does anyone know or care to comment?

Regards and good will blogging.