What? Wisdom in the US Senate?

In my previous post two days ago.  King Solomon on the US Senate, I referred to this three thousand year old proverb in regards to the Keystone Oil Pipeline.

 Where there is no consultation, plans come to nothing, but where there are many advisers, they stand the test of time. (Proverb 15:19)  

The Senate closure vote was defeated because of this reason reported in today’s news. 

“Trying to muzzle the debate by refusing to allow Democrats even one minute to advocate for their amendment and then simply refusing to hold votes on dozens of amendments is not remotely an open process.”

Perhaps Congress needs to read more King Solomon proverbs of wisdom. For example this proverb and explanation.

My reply must prevent my thrusting a sword to wound our new fragile relationship. Part of wisdom is the ability to use political or social effectiveness to get on with all types of people and win their confidence. I must establish a conciliatory relationship to prevent bitterness and barriers to develop between us. There is a person whose speech is like sword thrusts, but the speech of wise men is a therapy. (Proverb 12:18) 

Regards and good will blogging.


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