If only Brian Williams would have read these two King Solomon Proverbs, perhaps he would not now be considered a fool laughing stock subject. For example check out this post HERE 

Twp King Solomon Proverbs he should have heeded. 

  1. Truthful speech lasts forever, but false speech only for a moment. (Proverb 12:19) 

Lies are fragile, and as soon as they are sifted lose their credibility and are exposed as worthless. The truthful man will go on from strength to strength for none of his words will fall to the ground, but the liar will speedily be detected and discredited. (Proverbs McKane) 

  1. As snow in summer and rain at harvest, so honor is out of place for a fool. (Proverb 26:1) 

If snow fell in the summer or rain at harvest, it would be a sign that the world was topsy-turvy.  So if it snows in the summer, it would last for only a slight duration, same as a man acquires reputation, stature and influence which are disproportionate to his intrinsic worth. This same situation bears out if a man is an imposter and he attempts to erect himself as an object of public esteem. Indeed he is palpably a fraud and his pose is so utterly incongruous with his worthlessness, that it cannot be sustained. (Proverbs Mc Kane) 

Everyone makes foolish decisions in their life but not everyone is a major news broadcaster. Brian has no recourse now,  since he has bared his folly,  but to grin and bear the criticism being directed at him..

I am sure he regrets it, but the reality of life is people can be cruel. When you are in the public eye, you have to have alligator skin especially when you become the brunt of jokes caused by your own folly.

King Solomon wrote numerous proverbs of wisdom and advice to help us succeed in life.  if only we would take the time to read them, we might prevent ourselves making foolish mistakes we later regret.

Regards and goodwill blogging.