King Solomon wrote in his Ecclesiastes he only found one man out of a thousand to be perfect, and not one women. How would you have fared in his test? If interested, read on.

King Solomon used only two words to judge a person’s decisions, wise or foolish. He only used two words to exult or condemn their actions, righteous or wicked (sinful). In his eyes, you could only be one or the other. He did not allow any mollified adjectives in his test criteria.

Let’s admit it folks, we all have done something foolish to some degree in our lives and as a result, became a fool. This would have disqualified us as being perfect in his test. You may now be wondering, what was his purpose for the test?  It was because at the time of the test, he was considered to be the wisest man in the world and was searching for an answer to solve the mystery of why men or women came about to become either wise or fools. Three thousand years later, we are still trying to figure that out today with physiological testing, gene testing, brain scans, etc.

Now if you are interested in discovering how the wisest man in the world would judge you, I have surmised a test of definitions King Solomon may have used to determine if you were wise or a fool. If you are interested in taking the test and perhaps reading the advice of the wisest man in the world, you can decide for yourself if you are or have been a fool.

Beware though, if you take the test it may serve to deflate your pride or ego. It is entirely your prerogative to either agree or disagree with his wisdom.  I personally agree with King Solomon’s proverbs. If you believe I am a fool for believing the content, oh well, so be it.

King Solomon gave an indication of why he took the time to write his knowledge and wisdom in this Proverb.

Give instruction to a wise man that he may be wiser still, inform a righteous man that he may increase his learning. (Proverb 9:9)

I believe most of his wisdom written three thousand years ago is still relevant today and we can benefit from his experience and writings.  My reason for posting this test is only to be a messenger of the man once considered to be the wisest man in the world. So wise that near the end of his life, he admitted in his Ecclesiastes that in spite of all his wisdom God had blessed him with, and proven true over and over in time and history, he too became a fool.

To be continued when I finish the list of definitions ……..……..……. also, because this is a blog post and most bloggers seem to prefer to read short pithy rather than lengthy posts.

Regards and goodwill blogging.