Wow, who is going to win this court battle, the flockers, or the flockees?

In two previous posts, referenced below, about the subject of drugs, I tried to explain the use and results of open drug laws in relation to King Solomon’s Proverbs of Wisdom.

In today’s ( 2/20/15) Chicago Tribune News Briefing, I read an article reporting that now in addition to two neighboring states suing Colorado, two Colorado residents are suing because the law has  “hurt their property and attracts unsavory visitors.”

In my opinion, the Courts must now decide who has the greater rights. In other words, certain residents  must now decide to move out of the state because they no longer want to live in a state that attracts “unsavory visitors.” Based on previous court rulings I doubt anyone can differentiate how “unsavory visitors” have lesser rights than “savory visitors.”

The next time your state legislators propose a law to legalize pot as some are now trying to do in Illinois, I recommend you make your concerns known, or you too, may have to decide whether or not to move from “unsavory visitors.”

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