How did King Solomon test to find an upright women?

King Solomon purportedly had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines. In his Ecclesiastes he wrote this statement in the later part of his life.

“Adding one thing to another to discover the scheme of things—
      while I was still searching
but not finding—

“I found one upright man among a thousand,
but not one upright woman among them all.” (Ecclesiastes 7:28)

Riddles and tests were a form of entertainment three thousand years ago. What kind of tests did he conduct you may now be wondering? Why only one man and not one upright woman? I used the definition of the adjective “upright” to mean someone who is strictly honest as my interpretation of King Solomon’s test.  As for details of how he went about to conduct his test, it remains an unsolved Bible riddle, therefore, subject to various interpretations.

In a novel Excerpt, I surmised to explain a test used by King Solomon based on myth or legends to give you an example.  The novel is a contemporary application to relate God’s timeless wisdom to our modern world.


The rest of the day, we spent together solving riddles and various tests she presented. One test was for me to identify if twelve of her servants were either male or female, all disguised in male clothing and faces hidden.

I solved the riddle by devising a test. Each servant would demonstrate washing their hands in front of us, one at a time, out of view of the others. I surmised that women, more accustomed to tasks handling water, have developed a habit of first rolling up their sleeves to protect from wetting their clothing.

 During the test, all the female servants rolled up their sleeves before wetting their hands. The male servants immediately disclosed their gender by not doing the same.

I have now surmised a test King Solomon might, or could have used, as an example to find an “upright women.”  I will explain the details why no woman, even  today, would pass King Solomon’s test criteria using  our  “modern scientific method”  of testing. I will present the test in Part 2 of this blog post next week.  Perhaps in the meantime, you may want to surmise a test of your own on, how to “find an upright women?”

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