Ever wonder why the Song of Songs is included in the Bible?

King Solomon’s hot, saucy, passionate, and sexy, writing titled the Song of Songs has been a subject of controversy why it was included in the Bible. There are many interpretations of the whys and reasons for including it in the Bible, along with numerous suppositions of the identity of the woman referred to in the writings.

If you are interested, I have selected three recent blog postings which I consider to be provide excellent interpretations of the intrinsic meaning of the sexual content of the Song of Songs.  Today’s pornographic viewpoints being exhibited in movies, internet, and Hollywood promotions, present a far different and pervasive perspective of sex than the Bible.

Source One 

Citizen Tom comments are always thought provoking and his post refers you to an excellent series of blog posts by Don Merritt of his interpretations, opinions, and explanations.

Deciphering a Love Story HERE 

Source Two

Deuteronomy 117 blog provides a two video presentation. One video is a dramatized reading of the entire Song of Songs.  The second video is a voice presentation to explain another excellent interpretation.

The Truth – Song of Solomon HERE 

Source Three

My post is an interpretation about the identity of one of the women in King Solomon’s life that may have inspired some of the descriptions of the woman in the Song of Songs. In my opinion, he was inspired by more than one woman other than the Shulamite bride mentioned.

How King Solomon Explained his Song of Songs to the Queen of Sheba HERE

You decide which interpretation best appeases your opinion why it was included in the Bible.  In my opinion, the posts are all thought provocative as to the reason why, and present a far better example to influence women about the Biblical beautiful aspects of love, chastity, sex in marriage than what they may see on TV and the movies.

Regards and goodwill blogging.