Interested to know why King Solomon never found an upright woman in his test?

In my previous brief post, Part 1, HERE, I explained and gave an example of a King Solomon test. I recommend you read it before reading this scientific test which I also surmised King Solomon might, or could have used to test the thousand woman in his Ecclesiastes .

Background Information

Three thousand years ago, women were believed to be subservient to men. Some cultures today still practice this belief.  I bring up this point to inform you to better understand the mindset King Solomon may have had when he stated he tested a thousand women and could not find one upright (honest) one.

Also be mindful that King Solomon test criteria would only use two words, without any in-between mollified adjectives, to judge a person. Examples: wise or foolish, guilty or not guilty, honest or dishonest, etc. etc.

To add to background information, in a novel excerpt, I surmised how King Solomon may have answered a concern of the Queen of Sheba why he believed the reason women were created. The novel is a contemporary application to relate God’s timeless wisdom to our modern world.


“Why are you smiling Solomon? Are my questions amusing you?” Bilqis asked in a somewhat belligerent tone.

“No Bilqis, your question brought back a pleasant thought of a discussion I once had with a wise man about the creation of women. His belief was that when Adam slept, Yahweh also took a portion of Adam’s stony heart along with his rib to make Eve. He then perfected her heart by inserting mercy and benignity. That that is how the conjunction of male and female, although distinct and separate of masculine and feminine, became the perfect union of Yahweh’s creation.”

Deductive-Nomological Model Test 


Women will listen to a man’s orders, and willfully do otherwise, therefore women are not upright (honest).

Conceptual Framework Test

  1. King Solomon would angrily order an overtired and hungry very young child to go to bed without supper for some infraction of obedience.
  2. The mother after a short while would go into the child’s bedroom to calm the crying child. The crying child would tell her while crying and whimpering that he or she was hungry.
  3. If the mother would not sneak a snack to her crying child, King Solomon would judge her action as upright.
  4. If the mother would sneak a snack to her crying child, King Solomon would judge her action to not be upright.   

 Test Results

I surmise every mother tested was later observed sneaking a snack to their young crying child.  Therefore every woman he tested was considered by KIng Solomon not to be upright.  

Ludicrous Test Result

For those of you who have studied King Solomon’s Ecclesiastes and have now decided this scientific reasoning, while perhaps somewhat amusing, is in fact ludicrous., allow me to explain.

I purposely intended the post to be ludicrous. The real reason why not one woman, and only one man could pass King Solomon’s upright test in the context he wrote in his Ecclesiastes cannot be answered with a modern day scientific hypothesis test format.

The purpose of this test is to make a point for my atheist friends who dismiss faith beliefs than cannot be supported by modern day scientific reasoning. While the test conformed to modern day hypothesis format, the conclusion is not a sensible answer for what King Solomon tested to judge  whether or not he or she was upright.

In my next post I will explain what I surmised King Solomon was really testing to find.

Regards and good will blogging.

Excerpt Source

As A Lily Among Thorns – A Story of King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, and the Goddess of Wisdom by Rudy U Martinka

Now available as an eBook at all sellers.   View at link below.   

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