Is free speech really free?

In my previous post I stated the purposes and definitions of the title words and why journalism is vital to the health of our rights of free speech in our nation.  Free speech has never really been free though. Many heroes in American history have fought and died to insure our Constitutional Billl of Rights of which the first one is free speech. Sadly, we have allowed free speech to become controlled except for the internet and by yelling out our concerns on street corners.

The same monopolistic powers of control have occurred in journalism, news reporting, and mass media.  Ninety percent of all US news and entertainment sources are now owned by six Corporations who have been granted licenses by Congress to transmit over air waves along with the ability to sway opinions and profit. What is questionable is whether the news sources and mass media they control is the hypocrisy to the purpose of journalism, which is to provide the information to be free and self-governing.

There are plenty of articles, accusations, and opinions about the issue of bias or unfair news reporting in journalism anyone can read and form their own opinions. There are also many concerns about the morality of the media which is another subject of concern. My main concern is the hypocrisy of news sources who state they are providing fair and objective news reports when in truth they are not. In my opinion, the reality is if any employed reporters, editors, and news commentators live up to the ideals of the main purpose of journalism, they will not have a job very long if what they report does not please their owner’s agendas.

I state this because the consistencies of bias reporting are so very evident when you see or read the political news commentary from the different new sources in our nation. This is not healthy for our nation, and is contradictory to the purpose of free speech as intended by the originators of our Constitution. Why? Because too many people trust and do not realize how they are being manipulated by a select few empowered with the means to  control and present the news to fit their agendas rather than to provide objective journalism for our nation to be free and self-governing.

In other words, news sources are being used by a select few as a means to influence and control our thoughts and opinions to agree with their agendas. If your speech is not in accordance to their agendas, or if you want to run for a political office, your prospects are very slim. You will seldom be seen, heard, or favored by any controlled journalistic news source. Also, news reports about you may be presented in a skewed or bias manner.

So how can we cure or restore the health of journalism, free speech, and my analogy of news sources being Pied Pipers in my previous post? In my next post I will explain more.

For those who may be interested in the moral aspects and folly of the Corporate Mass Media, I recommend you read Citizen Tom’s excellent post below.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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