Are you a sheep, goat or shepherd for bacterial feed? 

In my last post I stated I believe it is possible to begin to revive and improve the health of journalism and news in our nation. We as a nation deserve the best and wisest leadership in our journalism sources in order to obtain the information we need to be free and self-governing. I stated that Corporate Media has a near monopoly of mass media with the ability to control news reporting to meet their agendas and this folly needs to be remedied. Before I make a suggestion, I want to explain our roles as physicians of our nation by using an analogy in relation to a King Solomon proverb of wisdom to heal this folly.

Imagine a small but powerful group of elitist as a potent bacteria. The bacteria is slowly infecting our nation by spreading out infectious journalism and mass media with an agenda to feed themselves.  We are either the sheep or goats in this scenario who the bacteria feed upon.

Lambs will supply you with clothing

and goats provide the price of a field. (Proverb 27:26) 

Flocks and herds are a basic and stable form of wealth and one which is self-perpetuating. If they are cared for properly, and full benefit is obtained from recurring increments of natural increase, they should, in the ordinary course of things, never become a wasting asset.  (Excerpt Proverbs Mc Kane) 

Now imagine we are the lambs in our nation, and the goats we elect to represent us to help protect us from harmful bacteria. However, both are susceptible to the elite infectious bacteria. The bacteria sets a higher value on the goats because they consider them to be like land  is to a herder. Without land the sheep cannot feed and eventually the bacteria will no longer have anything to feed upon in the future if they do not take good care of the land.

How about the shepherd you may be wondering? Yes, the herd needs a wise shepherd to manage the various herds of sheep and goats. In ancient times kings ruled as shepherds. Some kings were wise and some were fools. History bears out more were fools and that is how democracy came into being. Now in the USA, the sheep will send their own goats and shepherd to control bacteria from infecting the whole nation. However, the sheep must supply the goats and shepherd with their wool (taxes).

So what has this analogy have to do with journalism?  In my opinion, journalism and free speech are life sustaining medicines to control harmful bacteria from mutating to infect the core principals of our Democracy. We sheep need to goad our stubborn goats to represent us and protect us from the spread of harmful bacteria that we believe is preventing us from obtaining the information we need to be free and self-governing.

Yes there is also good and bad bacteria. Capitalism can be good bacteria for our nation so long as crony capitalism does not infect to alter the good capitalistic bacteria.

I will propose a small antidote to begin us to become more aware of a potential harmful bacteria spreading in our nation. Whether or not you agree is your prerogative. If you do agree, I will urge you to goad the goats you sent to Washington to represent you. I must warn you though, goats are stubborn animals that need a strong pull to move somewhere they prefer not to go. Sometimes the best thing to do when you encounter a stubborn goat who won’t move is to “poke” him out of the barn.  .

Below is an excellent brief overview article to give you an idea of the control techniques used by mass media. Also, I recommend you read a comment made by a fellow blogger Citizen Tom in response to my previous post, Part 3.  Also a blog post about who else may need a poke besides your goat in Congress.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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