What can we do about bias and hypocrisy in USA Journalism?

If you support the premise that USA journalism may be bias and hypocritical because of a monopoly of mass media, and may not always serve the first purpose of Journalism, to provide people with the information they need to be free and self-governing, join with me by informing your Congressional Representatives.

The idea of this letter is to attempt to improve the health of our nation in the same context that a law was passed fifty years ago to post warnings on cigarettes. While there is controversy of this being effective or not, the end result is a reduction of smoking has occurred in our nation by us having a conversation about the unhealthy effects of smoking.  In the same context, I believe we now need to Identify and remind journalists of their public duty to present news in a fair and objective manner. We also need a Congressional conversation to focus on the danger of bias and hypocritical journalism in order to improve the health of our nation. 

I have sent this email to my Illinois Government Representatives in Washington.,

Honorable Senator _________________

Honorable House of Representative_______________

I am concerned that a monopoly of mass media may have become bias and hypocritical to the first purpose of journalism, which is to provide us with information we need to be free and self-governing.

I also believe this may be a major cause of divisiveness now present in our nation. In my opinion, a monopoly of mass media may be reporting news to fulfill a personal agenda instead of presenting news in a fair and objective manner. These instances of bias and hypocrisy in journalism may be working to infringe on our Constitution rights of free speech.

I realize there are more than one side to every argument and everyone has a right to their own opinion including Corporations. However, free speech and fair and objective journalism is vital to a free and democratic nation.

To help remedy this, I am suggesting all news sources subscribe to the premise of our Bill of Rights in regards to free speech by beginning their every news broadcast or journalist news report or commentary with this opening statement.

“This news is produced by ___________________for public awareness to obtain the information we citizens need in our nation to be free and self-governing.  Portions of this news are provided by _________________. “ 

The purpose of this opening statement is to provide public knowledge in order to serve our nation for two purposes. 

The first purpose is to identify who or what entity is presenting the news. 

 The second purpose is remind the news service of their journalistic responsibility and duty to our nation to present news in a fair and objective professional manner. 

As my representative, I ask you to relay my concerns by sending letters to ask   CEO’s of the six major corporations who now control ninety percent of the mass media in this nation to do as I suggest. I also ask that you make a statement in Congress to ask your fellow representatives to do the same. In my opinion, it would be best for all new services to voluntarily make this statement. 

 If some news providers in our nation will agree to comply, and some will not, I can then at least personally have a choice and opportunity to “consider the source” as well as to not read or listen to any mass media, their advertisers, or entities who do not subscribe to the premise of presenting news in a fair objective, and professional manner. Right now, because local news journalists subscribe to national news services, I cannot identify who or what entity is the real source producing journalism in our nation. 

If you are concerned that I am stating an opinion without evidence you are correct. However, I believe I am not alone in our nation with this concern. If a professional non-biased poll would be conducted, I believe my statement would be shared by a large percentage of people in our nation.  “Where there is smoke there is fire” is an old and proven statement of wisdom. 

 I would be disappointed to know that a law would have to be enacted for any news source to comply with this basic statement of their goodwill and responsibility to our nation in regards to providing fair and objective news reporting, especially on air waves licensed to them by our government.  

Thank you for representing my concerns in government of our great nation.  I look forward to your reply as to whether or not you will support this concern and what you will do about it. 

Regards and goodwill for our national interest and right to free speech..

(Your name) 

Additional Comments and Information 

I have listed below, two official government web sites will give you access to email your Congressional Representatives.  May I suggest you copy and paste this letter and/or insert your own comments also/too and email it to your Congressional Representatives? It took me twenty minutes for me to do this.

If you want to reference my blog posts as additional sources in your letter, please feel free to do so as I have done in my letters. I am soon to be seventy five years old and have no need or desire for any public attention, or have any plans to seek any public office, or am I seeking any monetary benefits or donations. My sole concerns are mainly for the future of our children, grandchildren, community, and our nation.

May I also suggest you forward this post to any friends or neighbors because of this old and wise saying. “Squeaky wheels get the most grease.”


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If you do decide to send the letters and care to share the replies you receive, send me a comment of their reply to this post and I will make a spreadsheet to make known who replied and what they said they will do, or not do about journalism and news reporting in our nation.

I will title the information with the same title except Post 7.  The number seven is believed to be lucky. We will probably need a lot of luck, perhaps even a miracle, in addition to persistence to goad this concern for our nation in Congress.

Regards and goodwill blogging.


For anyone who ever wondered why I end every comment with the words “Regards and Goodwill Blogging,” it is to be thankful and courteous to a reader, and to also remind myself to try not to make any comment in anger or folly. Same as what I am now suggesting our journalism and news sources do when they begin their presentation before they state their opinions, agendas, editorials, or news reports.

Official Government Websites

Senate HERE   

House of Representatives  HERE