Is it wise to look back at the intentions of the writers of our Constitution?

In a previous post, King Solomon on the Right Time for Presidential Leadership, I gave reasons why the minimum age of a President should be revised to sixty years instead of thirty five. I also PRESSED THIS on a blog post referenced below, about King Solomon’s reasons why he believed it foolish to look back in the past instead of looking forward to the future.

However, I do not believe that applies to the study of History which proposes we study History to prevent us from repeating the same mistakes made in the past. Using this history premise, I have indulged myself with considering the “what if” on the recent history of seven past presidents I listed below who were less than 60 years when they became Presidents.. What if they had not been elected because they were not a minimum age of sixty years?

  1. John F. Kennedy would not have been assassinated and he would have never sent our troops into Vietnam or the Bay of Pigs..
  2. Lyndon B Johnson would not have become President and made the decision to send more troops to Vietnam and result in the loss of 55,000 US troops lives.
  3. Richard Nixon would not have been impeached.
  4. Gerald Ford would not have pardoned Nixon.
  5. Jimmy Carter would not have given up the Panama Canal, Iran Hostage Crises, and there would not be a Rubio or Cruz running for President in 2015.
  6. Bill Clinton would not have lied in public about his testosterone problems.
  7. George W. Bush would not have invaded Iraq, cut taxes, and added six trillion dollars to the National Debt and an Economic Recession.
  8. Barack Obama, you decide because it ain’t over yet.

Of course, no one knows for certain the “what if” things would have been any better if a more mature sixty year old candidate was elected instead of them. Maybe things would have been worse, then again, maybe better. That is the problem with “what ifs,” you never will know.

However, we are supposed to learn from history, are we not? So why in history did the original writers of the Constitution mandate a President must be a minimum age of thirty-five when the average life age at that time was only forty verses today when it is between seventy five and eighty.

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