In my opinion, this post provides good insight and understanding of the character of the Queen of Sheba, This site also appears to me to be good source of wisdom and Christian dialogue about women in the Bible.

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Daughters' Dialogue

The internet is, undoubtedly, the most prolific source of information in our modern society.  The voracity of the information obtained from the worldwide web may not always be up to par, but it is a prolific source, none the less.

A commendable example of prolific information on a narrow topic would be the story of the Queen of Sheba, found in 1 Kings 10: 1-13.  Although the Queen of Sheba, which the Bible leaves unnamed, only has 13 verses in which her meeting with Solomon is addressed, the internet has plenty to say about this famous queen.

Indeed, just the mere name “Sheba” tends to conjure up all sorts of images of cat-eyed exotic women, opulent fabrics, and Arabian wealth. There’s the connotation of luxury, elegance and power associated with Sheba.  Yet, despite the images and connotations associated with “Sheba,” there’s actually very little, historically, to glean.  The majority of the…

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