How would King Solomon judge the NFL deflated ball judgement debate?. Was the judgement issued about the balls too soft or too hard? (No pun intended.)

I read two commentaries about the NFL penalties imposed by the NFL on the New England Patriots. One article stated the owner believes the penalty was too harsh. The NFL has as a history of poor decisions the article states.  I then read a Wikipedia article. Both articles are referenced below.

This made me wonder what King Solomon proverb of wisdom would be applicable to this matter. You may be thinking why bother, football is just a game and this is just a minor matter. But is it really just a minor matter, or something else? I decided these two proverbs versus would be most applicable to Deflategate.

Variations in weights and measures,

both are loathed by Yahweh. (Proverb 20:10) 

Variations of weights are loathed by Yahweh

and falsified scales are an evil (Proverb 20:23) 

Verses 10 and 23 condemn an aspect of commercial sharp practice, the giving of short measure and weight, either by using a measure or weight which deviates from the standard or by a falsification of the scales. The statement that is loathed by Yahweh places the offence in the context of theodicy, and furnishes a doctrinal expression of it, (Proverbs McKane) 

This explanation in my opinion, explains the real something else problem of this matter. Also, In my opinion, the deflated balls are just another sign of the deflation of morals in America. For those who think the penalty applied by the NFL was too soft or too hard, just consider this. Some Middle East countries still punish thieves today by cutting off their hands.

The NFL ruling did not say anything about the punishment issued was for theft, or was it? Was the ruling wise or foolish? You decide..

Regards and good will blogging.