What is the difference between a wise or foolish activist?

When you listen or read the issues of an activist, how can you discern if the activist is wise of foolish? This question is not to answer whether the activist’s cause is right of just, rather only to discern whether his or her methods are either wise or foolish methods to resolve their cause or issue.

For example, the method used  by activists to bring attention to the issue of free speech rights in the USA versus Islam religious beliefs that it is disrespectful to draw a picture of the prophet Mohamed. The activists already knew offended Muslim extremists killed Charlie Hebro in France and attempted to kill the participants of a drawing Mohamad contest in Garland Texas. Knowing that happened, was it wise or foolish in Phoenix Arizona to confront Muslims in front of their Mosque with another drawing contest to assert the right of free speech in the USA?

Yes we know we in the USA have a Constitutional Right of free speech. Yes, we know some Muslims are offended by drawings of Mohamad, Yes we have laws in the USA have laws against killing anyone for any reason other than self-defense. The question again, is not whether the activist cause is right or just. It is whether the method to resolve the issue is wise or foolish?

My King Solomon Surmised Judgement

Both activists would be judged to be fools by King Solomon. He would first explain that wisdom is an understanding that any claim of a human right….is wrong…. if the right is used to cause harm to another human..

King Solomon saw clearly both the disorder and incompleteness of human actions to rectify everything.. That is why he wrote Ecclesiastes 1:15

“That which is crooked cannot be made straight. “

My King Solomon Surmised Reasoning

The first activist acted foolishly by provoking an action which would create a risk of harm and hatred to develop.

The second activist would be foolish if they allow a fool to cause them to become angry and react in an unlawful manner…

King Solomon Advice

To resolve the conflict, King Solomon would advise each party to abide by the appropriate laws where they reside or be subject to the punishments of these two lawful authorities..

  1. The authority of laws made by men are only subject to punishment by man.
  1. The authority of Divine Laws made by God are only subject to punishment by God.

Wise or Foolish Activists? 

In other words, you can discern whether the activist leaders are wise or foolish by the lawful methods they use to persuade followers to their cause or belief.

A wise activist resolves issues in a peaceful manner, whereas, a foolish activist acts other’wise.’

You decide if I may have surmised King Solomon’s judgement correctly.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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