Will you be a wise or foolish gay bigot?

I have recently read numerous blog posts and medical opinions of people expressing their concerns and/or opinions of gay marriage. It you voice your personal opinions in opposition to gay marriage, does that make you a bigot, and are you a small minded person suffering from the physiological term of Homophobic your detractors hurl at you..

Are your opinions wise or foolish? To answer this question I decided to check how King Solomon might judge you, based on his proverbs or writings. I did not find any specific writing that addressed gay marriage. However I did find a number of writings that refer to fear. This is a blog post and I will be brief.

Definition of Bigot (HERE)

a person who is utterly intolerant of any differingcreed, belief, or opinion.

Root Cause of Bigotry  

Kristof adds a vital insight about the motives of bigotry: “The starting point isn’t hatred but an alarm (fear) among patriots that newcomers don’t share their values, don’t believe in democracy, and may harm innocent Americans.” (See, “America’s History of Fear.”)

 King Solomon Proverb (1:7), About Fear
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.

Since he associates fear with wisdom, I would interpret that King Solomon believed it wise to fear something or someone who will harm you. I will not address any religious moral concerns in this post. Let us just assume that the Lord for purposes of this post is the Supreme Court instead of any God.

The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court will announce next week their decision if gay couples should have the same rights to marry as straight couples. Since no rights of marriage were ever mentioned in the Bill of Rights, I surmise they will decide if gay marriage poses any risks of harm to others.

STD Sexual Transmitted Diseases or Health Risks for Gay Sexual Encounters

There are numerous health risks including communicable diseases associated with gay sexual encounters. (HIV, etc. referenced below.)

The average drug costs of a HIV infected person is presently estimated to be $500,000.00 in their lifetime.

STD Risks for Sexual Fidelity of Virgin Straight Married Couples.


If you are now thinking I am presenting an unfair comparison by matching a virgin straight couple to a non-virgin gay couple, you are correct. I purposely did so to point out the pinnacle of avoiding any STD problem is for both partners to remain virgins until they are married. King Solomon stated this belief in his Song of Songs.

However the reality of remaining a virgin in today’s modern world is challenging because of Hollywood media influences in movies, TV shows, and internet pornography.

My Concern

We should all be concerned about STD health risks and the responsibility to protect immature children. Should a parent be fearful of the outcome of the Supreme Court decision? For example, I am concerned when the Supreme Court decides in favor of gay marriage, children in public schools will be taught in second grade that gay marriage is lawful and natural. Gays presently comprise two to five percent of our nation’s population. In twenty five years, will the percentage increase? If so, will that then prove that nurture may also be a factor of gay which is contrary to the message gays have that gay is only a result of nature?

Yes and No Summary

It would be wise to legalize gay marriage if it would help reduce STD.  Yes because the highest percent of HIV is prevalent in gay sexual relationships.

It is foolish to ignore sexual fidelity and engage in gay or straight sexual intercourse without STD protections. Yes.

It is wise to be fearful for your impressionable age child being influenced about any sexual intercourse and not be informed about the STD risks involved. Yes.

Is it wise or foolish for taxpayers to pay 30 billion dollars a year to treat HIV while the present rate of 50,000 new victims increasing every year. Wise for HIV patients. Foolish for taxpayers?

Is it wise for the Supreme Court to decide if gay marriage is a legal right because it does not cause harm to anyone who is not gay. Yes because there is no other issue for them to consider that would not be considered as bigoted by either gays or straight on the issue. That is unless you consider taxpayers as HIV victims too.

Is it wise for the government to get out of the business of marriage licenses? Yes, of course this is my personal opinion.


Regardless, you may soon become a legal gay bigot because you may not agree with an upcoming Supreme Court decision.  Will you continue to be a gay bigot by being alarmed (fearful) enough to influence your child to ignore the upcoming Supreme Court decision? You will have to decide if being called a gay bigot is a wise or foolish risk because of your fears of the higher percentages of risk of STD if a child informs you someday they have decided they are gay.

In another twenty five years we will know if your child being gay was a result of nature or nurture. Supreme Court decisions and psychologist opinions in the past have turned out to be foolish.

Regards and goodwill blogging.


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