What is a natural law?

After reading and commenting on this blog article, I read two Chicago Tribune news articles today. One explaining the long term effects of HIV and the other about possible term limits for Supreme Court members.

Keeping in mind, one of hundreds of definitions of natural law is this.

“The Form of the Good is the cause of all things and when it is seen it leads a person to act wisely.”

The Supreme Court is about to decide on a universal law for gay in our nation. The question still unsolved is whether or not gay is one hundred percent a result of nature or nurture. If it is natural, the question then becomes, how could something that is natural be good and wise, if the possible result of the practice causes HIV and a host of other communicable diseases?

If the Supreme Court decides in favor, will they in effect be making a decision to ally the entire nation into believing gay is natural? You can then decide if their decision will also in effect be a good law to “lead a person to act wisely.”

In my opinion, there should be no law to decide this issue because laws serve to influence or nurture behavior. After the decision is announced, you decide if perhaps term limits should also apply to the Supreme Court?

Citizen Tom

The Glory of St. Thomas Aquinas, detail. Paris, Musée du Louvre.The Glory of St. Thomas Aquinas, detail. Paris, Musée du Louvre.

Keith DeHavelle is one of the reasons I consider blogging great fun. He has a sharp mind and insights I would not gain on my own. Yet when Liberals shriek over the glories of diversity, they ignore people like . It is the differences in our appearances they glorify, not the differences in our thoughts and beliefs.

The following is ‘s take on Natural Law. Note the direction from which  approaches this subject.

From time to time, I mention in these writings that I am non-religious. This has always been true of me; I am not a “converted” or “lapsed” or “apostate” anything. But many of my fellow conservatives are indeed deeply religious, and sometimes express disbelief or even disdain that a non-theist could support American conservative beliefs.

I have written elsewhere about the separation of church and state…

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