How would King Solomon judge gay marriage?

I took a train downtown Chicago this Sunday to take a long walk along Lake Michigan. The train was jam packed with young people, many dressed in rainbow colored apparel. I doubt they were all gay because it was obvious that a large number were opposite sex couples on a date and apparently going to the Gay Pride Annual Parade.  Whether people were going to celebrate with them or to be entertained I don’t know.

What I do know is the huge change of sentiment mainly by young people in recent years to support gays is definitely a direct result of favorable media support from news sources, TV programs and movies to show a far different perception of gay than I remember when I was young.

For example, in the movie Lawrence of Arabia I saw in my youth, when he was captured by the Turks and imprisoned, a gay Turk officer was portrayed as a really bad perverse guy who obviously sexually assaulted Lawrence while his was imprisoned. Last year I saw the movie The Imitation Game about Alan Turing during World War II which displayed him as a genius who cracked the German Enigma Code and later was revealed to be gay, The picture dramatically implied because he was given a choice of jail or chemical sterilization, his suicide was the result of the way gays were guiltily treated back then.

There is no doubt that because of recent media support for the gay cause, public sentiment has changed. Some may even think that the method used was pure propaganda. Whatever description given, it was effective because even President Obama changed his political views to support gay marriage.

I then wondered if King Solomon ever wrote any wisdom proverbs about gays but did not find any. I then wondered how he went about to judge various issues, same as our courts now do today, and found this proverb.

The first to speak argues his innocence convincingly, then his opponent comes along and interrogates him. (Proverb, 18:17)

So what does this proverb have to do with gay marriage you may be wondering? I believe this proverb is applicable to gay marriage because of the series of events in the last three days.

On Friday, the Supreme Court agreed to make gay marriage legal in all fifty states. Whether the majority decision was a result of their interpretation of the Constitution, the media, or political tide, makes no difference, their decision is now the Supreme Law of the USA. In other words, to relate to King Solomon’s proverb, the first has spoken.

On Saturday, the USA Center of Disease Control declared it was National HIV Awareness Day. Below is a link of what they advise US citizens about HIV awareness and STD diseases caused mainly by homosexual sexual encounters.

On Sunday the Chicago Tribune lauded the Supreme Court decision on the front page.

What I now wonder is if the media will now tell the other side of the story, or what the King Solomon proverb suggests should be done in order to make a prudent judgement. In other words, will the media now convey these health facts as reported by CDC on the front page same as they lauded the Supreme Court decision?

In the USA today, there are 1.2 million people confirmed with HIV. Each year there is an average of 50,000 new cases added. Another 1 in 8 people have HIV and do not know it. Because of new drugs, the mortality rate has decreased. However, if a person contracts HIV, it is estimated that it will result in a cost of $500,000.00 for drugs in their lifetime. Last week the Chicago Tribune reported that new medical findings of persons afflicted with HIV now suffer other medical problems that are estimated to reduce their life expectancy by perhaps twenty years. When you consider that gays only comprise an estimated two to five percent of the present population of 320 million, 1.2 million is a significant percentage of risk. That risk is further multiplied if you consider that there is another host of STD other than HIV which can be contracted by homosexual encounters.  Last year, the Federal Goverment budgeted thirty billion dollars for the treatment of HIV. 65 MILLION AMERICANS NOW HAVE A STD ACCORDING TO THE CDC REPORT BELOW.

So will this information be reported as earnestly as gay marriage was in future movies, TV, radio, and newspapers now that Gay Marriage is the law? If anything perhaNps if gays will marry and practice fidelity, these numbers may decrease. Then again, gay marriage has been introduced in public schools to second graders by having the students read stories about princes marrying princes. No one has scientifically proved one hundred percent that gay is the result of nature or nurture. Will the second grade teachers also educate the students about the health risks of gay sexual encounters?

My message to the news sources is this. Thanks to your efforts and help to promote gay marriage, you have successfully persuaded both the courts and many of the young of our nation to sympathize with gay marriage. Will you now come forward to help forward the concerns of the opponents of gay marriage to help reveal and educate them about the other side of the story? The other side being the health risks of gay sexual practices.

In my opinion, if you do not, you will be responsible for the misery the gays and other unaware innocent people will suffer because of the health risks if they contact a STD from a gay sexual encounter. Time will tell if the court decision was wise or foolish by comparing STD statistics in the future.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Click to access trends2000.pdf

Click to access cdc-hiv-surveillance-report-2015-vol-27.pdf