What proverbs do these two judges sort of agree about marriage?

On July 15, 2015, I read an article in the Chicago Tribune of a statement made by Justice Kennedy about his recent gay marriage Supreme Court opinion. He compared the present furor over his gay marriage decision with the flag burning furor and predicted it will calm down in time.

King Solomon wrote this proverb of wisdom which seems to me to be a similar statement.

When the hurricane has passed, there is no trace of the wicked man, but the righteous man is established forever. (Proverb 10:25)

One interpretation of this proverb is the righteous man has an enduring foundation and will withstand the storms of life but after the tempest has passed over, not of trace of the wicked will be left behind. (Proverbs Mc Kane)

How does this proverb link these two men you may now be wondering? In my opinion, both men believe (d) that in time people will calm down same as a calm after a storm. King Solomon believed in time his God would judge the issue based on a righteous religious foundation. Kennedy’s reasoning believes gay marriage to be a righteous civil rights foundation he has interpreted to be in the Constitution.

The word foundation has various meanings. The meaning in this post is to address the foundation of marriage. The Supreme Court gay marriage ruling has redefined the meaning of marriage from between a man and a women to now include same sexes and by doing so has compelled a new foundation of beliefs in marriage.

In my opinion, the Kennedy remark to compare flag burning with gay marriage was a foolish muddled comparison of a ‘crummy law’ (Obama term), rather than wise decision made and perhaps an implication of elitist politicized arrogant judge(s). .I rather doubt this issue will ever calm down in time because there never was any foundation in the Constitution about ‘beliefs Americans share’ about what is a‘right.’ marriage.

The bold lettering words in this post were used by Kennedy in his flag burning comparison. I believe I am using his same words in a correct similar context of the comparisons Kennedy made on the two issues. If I am wrong, Justice Kennedy, please correct me.

My advice is if you disagree with the Supreme Court gay marriage decision, never state your reason is based on a religious foundation or you may be considered a religious homophobic bigot or zealot by an elitist politicized Civil Court and possibly prosecuted and fined for a civil rights violation. Instead state you are voicing your opinion and right of free speech to disagree with the Supreme Court decision. This is the premise used in the flag burning comparison made by Justice Kennedy.

I personally have no concerns what choices legal age adults make about sexual preferences or companionship. However, I am concerned that a falsehood misconception may be presented to our youth by schools and the media that gay is one hundred percent the result of nature.

Why am I concerned? Because second grade children right now in public schools are being compelled by school boards to read books about princes marrying princes in states that passed State laws to legalize gay marriage. When a parent objects, the courts have ruled in favor of the school boards and recommended to the parents who filed suit to object to send their child to a private school if they do not agree with the school board. This type of schooling, the media, plus the fact that laws are passed to influence behavior, is in my opinion, is in effect nurturing children to consider a false understanding about an unproven theory that may affect their life.

There are now in existence many laws to protect juveniles from sexual predators or pedophiles. However, there are no laws to prevent a school from influencing gay falsehoods to impressionable children at a very vulnerable and confusing time in their life when their hormones are bubbling over with sexual desires and curiosities. In other words, the premise of teaching gay to be nature to juveniles could possibly make it easier for sexual pedophiles to influence curious juveniles to engage in a gay sexual encounter.

I have referenced one source below which states in effect there is no one hundred percent proof that gay is nature and not nurture. There are numerous pro and con studies available about the subject on the internet and libraries on the subject, but no one hundred percent scientific proof that gay is totally nature.  Also below, is the source of Justice Kennedy’s statements about the flag burning decision he referred to in his comparison to gay marriage opinion.

Perhaps gay is part nature, then again, perhaps gay is part nurture. Since the question is still controversial, we parents and grandparents must contact our school boards and insist that schools do not nurture our children to believe gay is totally nature until it is proven one hundred percent. Both schools and laws do influence behavior.

We also need to have conversations with our children and grandchildren to find out exactly what they are being taught in schools and what they are watching in the media about the subject of gay sexual practices. I say this because the new law could be misinterpreted by schools to mean that schools will be subject to civil right suits if they do not teach gay is nature. In my opinion, the media is mostly bias and pro-gay so the only thing you can do is to supervise what your children view..

I say this because even our President seems confused and misinformed. Obama just  made this statement in Kenya. I read in Chicago Tribune on July 26, 2015.

“When you start treating people differently, not because of any harm they are doing, but because they are different, that’s the path whereby freedoms begin to happen.”

Perhaps no one explained to him that gay types of sexual practices can lead to harm from HIV and many other forms of STD. In my opinion, his statement was foolish because HIV is a major health disaster in Africa. In the USA, 65 MILLION AMERICANS NOW HAVE A STD ACCORDING TO THE CDC .

Also, gay males statistically comprise the vast majority of reported pedophile cases on juveniles.  Notice I said reported. The real numbers are probably much greater and are never reported to the police for possible reasons of fear or embarrassment. With the risk of HIV and 1 in 6 gays not even being aware they have HIV, this is a very serious matter of concern for parents.

You Decide

Do you believe gay marriage is now a valued fundamental principal of marriage because of Kennedy’s opinion?

Do you believe Kennedy’s decision to redefine marriage was wise or foolish?

Do you believe public school teachers should be compelled to teach your second grade child read a book in school about a prince marrying another prince?.

Do you want the teachers compelled to teach your child that being gay is one hundred percent the result of nature and not nurture? Is that really what you are going to teach your own child to believe?

Do you believe this controversy will calm down in time?

Do you believe the media should report more about the seriousness of STC statistics reported by the CDC?

If you do decide to take action with your school board, it will be for a worthy cause. I state this because of another King Solomon proverb that I believe could also have a bearing on this issue.

Train up a youth in the way he ought to go, to the end of his life he will not deviate from it. (Proverb, 22:6)

Regards and goodwill blogging.


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