What’s up Doc?

Three thousand years ago King Solomon wrote these two statements.

Nothing is new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

For what will the man do who is to come after the King? What men have already done. (Ecclesiastes 2:12)

So what do these statements have to do with Bugs Bunny who greeted his adversary Elmer Fudd, every time he outwitted him with the question? “What’s up Doc?”

Well, I read the Chicago Tribune today and found out this year is the 75th birthday of the cartoon character Bugs Bunny. It is also the same year for my own 75th birthday. What do we have in common? Well for one thing, Bugs used his greeting as a message to Elmer that in spite of everything he tried to do to rid Bugs from eating from his carrot garden, nothing new happened.

For me, after I read the newspaper every day, I shake my head and think about the above two statements of King Solomon. Why? Because nothing new has really happened in the past seventy five years to prove King Solomon’s statement was wrong. We keep on doing the same adversary foolish things to each other over and over again to prove his statements

Yes we have discovered new science and technology in our modern world. However, what we really have also discovered is what has always been in existence ‘under the sun’ provided by our Creator.

Take for example science and technology. Man has never really created one new element or new life form. Yes we have discovered new ways to compound elements that have hopefully benefited mankind.  Except, I am wondering about the benefits in relation to the detriments of I-phones and I-pads based on the obsessive use  I see exhibited by my grandchildren.

As for the question what has man done different than the King, I reflect on the seventy five years in my lifetime. During this time, I have witnessed one World War, and numerous other types of warfare called ‘police actions,’ or ‘acts of terrorism,’ or etc. etc.  If you read history, it appears that each new generation produces another crop of fools who start new wars. And if you reflect on history, nothing has really changed in three thousand years, has it? We are still killing adversaries all over the world in spite of new leaders, whether they be kings or presidents.

Happy birthday Bugs Bunny. Bugs if you asked me, ‘what’s up Rudy,’ my answer would be this advice. Start reading up on King Solomon. Perhaps if he did, he might find a wise answer.

As for me, every morning after I finish reading my newspaper, I keep coming up with this same conclusion. The only person(s) under the sun that we are outwitting for the most part is ourselves.

Sure wish someone would change Bug’s greeting to his adversary Elmer. In fact I wish every world leader would stop trying to outwit each other. Instead they should all get together and greet each other with this question.

“When will we all wise up?”

In my opinion, what the world needs now in addition to love is wisdom.

Regards and goodwill blogging.