In 1962 Anthon Newly and Leslie Bricusse wrote the song ‘What Kind of Fool Am I. What would to wise King Solomon, advise them if he was alive today?

I surmised, based on King Solomon writings, how he might answer their question in this contemporary way.

“Hey guys, based on the questions you pose in your song, you apparently know there are different meanings of the word fool. It seems the original Hebrew Biblical meaning of a fool at the time I wrote a number of proverbs is different than today. Back in my time, a fool was someone who lacks a spiritual belief in God and the result is he or she lacks the beginning directions to locate a straight path to wisdom and love in their lives.”

“Todays’ context of the word fool differs so I will assume the context of your question is you believe, based on your lyrics, you are an empty headed, clown type confused type fool because you cannot fall in love. However, you seem to know the problem may lie in the type of man you are. For example, you admit you are self-centered in this lyric.”

‘It seems that I’m the only one
That I have been thinking of’

“That could be part of your problem, but I do not believe it is the complete answer. Most everybody has acted a little self-centered at one time or another during their life. I believe the real problem is that you, and not only you, but millions more people today have a total misconception of what the word love you are singing out in frustration with lamenting song lyrics.”

“You are not alone though in today’s world. For example, in the song Why Do Fools Fall in Love, Frankie Lymon described love as a ‘crazy thing. I advised him to read the Bible to understand the true meaning of love in a previous post I referenced below. Sure seems today like a lot of singers today sing our lamenting songs about being fools and love.”

“Now don’t go thinking I am picking on singers only. Based on USA divorce rates today which are around forty percent, a lot a people are confused about the true meaning of love. It is not a ‘crazy thing’ at all.  So what is true love?”

“Because this is a blog post, I am not going to try to explain love. However, I will tell you this. The problem of all the crazy confusion of love today has been caused a lot of foolish interpretations of the word love  over time along with the word fools. The original Hebrew meaning in my time of a fool is what we describe as an atheist as explained in a reference below. Today, in the USA, nihilism is replacing spirituality in about the same statistic percentages as divorce.”

“So if you want my wise advice, perhaps this proverb will start you out in the right direction.”

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. (9:10)

“If you want to understand the meaning of this proverb, read how I explained to the Queen of Sheba in the reference below.”

“Now if you want to understand more about wisdom and love, read what I advised Frankie Lymon, also referenced below.”

“Now if that still does not interest you, perhaps you might better understand what kind of fool you are by reading the ending comments made by a fellow blogger, Citizen Tom. In my opinion, your question may be the root cause of lots of types of folly taking place today.”

“Also in my opinion, every guy and especially all you gals should read Citizen Tom’s post comments and the article he commented about. Seems his comments can also be applied to a lot of politicians and other moral problems I see happening today same as what happened three thousand years ago. The travesty of fools is they keep repeating the same follies every new generation even though all the answers have been knocking on their door. .

“In my opinion, every guy and especially every gal should read Citizen Tom’s post comment. It begins with this sentence.Schemers who think………. You can read his comments right HERE.”

“So until all of us wise up, folly will keep on repeating in every new generation just like I predicted three thousand years ago. Check out world history sometime, and you decide if what I said was true.”

Regards and goodwill blogging.


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