Why Kim Davis?

Why are Christians now protesting in front of the jail house in Kentucky? Why haven’t Christians protested outside city halls on the other matters?

In a previous post, King Solomon, Kim Davis, Prophesy, I received this comment from a fellow blogger, MIchael Wilson.

“It is amazing, that in this country now, that we can accommodate everyone but Christians.

If violating a law is the standard for locking up a politician then why isn’t the president in jail or 200 mayors who refuse to obey our immigration laws? Why not the governor of Colorado for federal marijuana laws?”

His question was answered three thousand years ago.

I surmised, based on his proverbs, how King Solomon explained this same type question asked by the Queen of Sheba in this novel Excerpt.


“Bilqis, the subject of religious matters is volcanic. If a ruler provokes their subjects about this topic they turn sourer than milk curds, and he will have erupted within them to spill out hot anger beyond their limits same as hot lava flows from a volcano.”

“In other words, when you press milk through a cloth, you will produce sour curds. When you press men to anger, you will produce blooded noses and strife. What you press to produce, you must then contend with your makings.” For the making of milk produces curds, and the pressing of the nose produces blood, and the pressing of anger produces strife. (Proverb 30:33) 


Read below what the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts prophesized after in his dissent to legalize gay marriage.

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