Today Kim Davis has been in jail for five days, so I decided to surmise a little humor in this fifth post.

In the past week I have published four posts about Kim Davis and mentioned seven different characters in my writings. I will now surmise with the intent of trying to insert some humor into what each character in my posts might state in regards to the issue in the news we are now reading about Kim Davis.

Kim Davis, ……….”Thank you judge for locking me up and throwing away the key because I won’t sign my name on a marriage certificate that is immoral and I won’t resign either unless I am elected President.”

Supreme Court Justices William Brennan and Thurgood Marshall, ….”I won’t rule on any death sentence issues because the death penalty is immoral and I won’t resign either. So Kim, shut up and just do what Supreme Court Justices say but don’t do what Supreme Court Justices do.”

Supreme Court Justice Kennedy, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “Don’t release her until she says two plus two equals five.”

Federal Court Justice Bunning, ……………………………….”  Okay but I still won’t release her until she agrees to sing out in front of her County Clerk Office. ……… “Gay Marriage, is a Many Splendored Thing.”

King Henry VIII,  …………”She has served me well up to now. So do not draw and quarter her before you hang her. Just behead her, I don’t like her anymore because she won’ t ask how high as soon as I order her to jump.”

Sir Thomas More to his Axe Executioner, ,…….”May I move my hair over my head before you lay down your  axe on my neck.  I prefer when you hang my head for display to show how swift and just my King has dealt with me, I will at least still have hair on my head.  That is the least you could do for a King’s faithful servant. After all, the only thing I am was imprisoned for and now being beheaded for is because we had a little disagreement about the the legal definition of marriage.”

Chief Supreme Court Justice John Roberts,  ……………………. “I told youse guys so.”

If you have not read my posts, you may not understand the dark humor of my surmised statements. If you are interested in reading the posts, I listed links in the Sources below.

King Solomon and Proverbial Humor


A proverb is a convenient package of wisdom, neatly tied up in a package tied up in attractive language, telling much in a few words. “A stich in time saves nine” is a well know English proverb. It would take a lot of sentences to explain its rich practical wisdom. The Book of Proverbs is crammed full of instructive sayings written by the sages of Israel over many centuries of time.

These sage were keen observers of life. In their proverbs they used humor and kindly criticism.

(Pathways Through The Bible by Mortimer J Cohen)

What is My Point?

I don’t know about you, but for me, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about this issue when I read or write about it anymore.

I sure wish the Supreme Court members would be required to pass a basic training course in proverbial wisdom before they would be allowed to make a ruling. When you consider how much time and money is being spent on this one word issue about the definition of marriage, it would not have turned into a volcanic issue. It could have all been avoided if only the Supreme Court Justices were taught some practical proverbial wisdom…… because…….

“A stich in time, really could have saved  nine”:…….Supreme Court Justices from folly.

I also surmise some poetic Englishman might surmise after reading our news reports that this issue has become  a…..jolly good folly.

Regards and goodwill blogging.