Are we wise to fear Muslims? If so why? Are we bigoted by acknowledging our fears and opinions not to allow more Muslims into the USA?

In my previous post King Solomon, Mid-East Exodus, I asked why Sweden and Germany are or have been up to now welcoming refugees while the Bishop of Hungary is complaining to the Pope about an invasion of Muslims. Is the Bishop a bigot? Or is he wise to express his concerns and opinions. If so why and what are his motives?

What has this issue have to do with the Abortion Factor? Allow me to explain my opinions and please, I welcome your comments and opinions if you want. War is the reason for the Exodus. King Solomon wrote a proverb about a person being wise to seek many counselors before waging war.  

Motives of Fear, Bigotry

Kristof adds a vital insight about the motives of bigotry: “The starting point isn’t hatred but an alarm among patriots that newcomers don’t share their values, don’t believe in democracy, and may harm innocent Americans.” (Source below)

That being said, is it wise to be fearful? King Solomon thought so when he wrote this proverb.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: fools despise wisdom and instruction. (Proverb, 1:7) 

Why should the Catholic Bishop or Americans be fearful of Muslims? In my opinion there are four major reasons or concerns.

  1. Recent experiences of warfare Eastern Europe and 9/11, etc. in the USA. Wisdom may be acquired from both instruction and experience.
  2. Religious ideology of the Christian Bible “thou shalt not kill” versus Muslim Quran in the jihadist belief to “join or offend Allah.”
  3. Will Muslims really abide by “When in Rome, Do what the Romans Do,” in regards to Sharia laws?
  4. Economics..

Abortion Factor Explanation

If you look at the chart of countries in my last post, it is apparent that Economics is one reason why there is a lower rate of abortions in more affluent countries. There are many other factors involved in why makes a decision for abortion which I intend to explain in future posts.

The point I am making is the correlation of the chart as to the direction immigrants want to flee or immigrate toward. These countries have been more welcoming of immigrants, up to a point. The point being the determination if the immigrants are a future benefit or detriment to that country. Doctors and skilled or educated immigrants fleeing the Mid-East are more likely to benefit the welcoming count.

The King Solomon proverb about moderation in the last post is now being tested as evidenced by the EU members trying to agree to a quota of dispersing the huge numbers of immigrants. Is it wise to force a country to take the refugees on a quota basis knowing that country does not want more Muslims for some of the various reasons listed above?

In the USA, it is also becoming another hot political topic of the wisdom of accepting Muslim immigrants. That is in addition to the lingering hot topic of what to do with the estimated ten million plus illegal immigrants already in the USA. There are differences in how Germany and Sweden consider immigrants as well as how these two countries differ in enforcing immigration laws.

Users of the Fear Card

Fear is used in different motives as either benefits or detriments.

For example, King Solomon used fear in his proverb to remind us his belief that we should be mindful of a final judgements for our actions in life

Politicians use fear to gain acceptance for their opinions or objectives. For example today some politicians are stating if we do not accept the Iran Nuclear Treaty in current news, there will be another war. It may be a detriment when their opinion is based on campaign contributor’s motives for political donations for personal gain.

Steven King uses fear to sell books. He always has a boogie man character. I admire his creativity but wish he would focus on something more worthwhile like wisdom instead of boogie men. However, I know based on the number of sales of my novel that entertainment boogie men characters sells more novels than wisdom characters.

Obama just awarded King a National Medal for Arts but there is no medal for wisdom. Does that tell you something about the focus of some politician’s on fantasy solutions to problems rather than the pragmatism of wisdom to solve problems?

King Solomon wrote about the futility of writing many books about wisdom. However, he also wrote about an inspiration that you may never know for certain if what you say or do will succeed to have a favorable or even unfavorable result. However, if you do nothing, there will  never be for certain any “this or that” result .

More Questions

So what is a wise solution to this problem? War or a political or religious solution? If war, are you willing to send your sons or daughters back to war after the USA tried to police the Mid-East? If not the USA, who?  Can a wise political solution be found instead of more war? Can a wise religious figure aid a solution? What would King Solomon advise us? What else is relevant to the Abortion Factor?

In my next post, I will explore some additional reasons why Germany and Sweden have the lowest rates of Abortion and the relevance of King Solomon’s writings about the element of times in life.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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