Will I convince you to believe the economic origin of a saying “one man’s loss becomes another man’s gain” may also be applied as a statistical correlation related to abortion?

In a previous post King Solomon, Mid East Exodus, I compared an ancient proverb to explain the reasons for the present exodus in relation to a King Solomon Proverb. In this post, I will compare the relationship of what I term the Abortion Factor, as to whether the asylum seekers will be considered a friend, or a foe.

King Solomon wrote this proverb to explain one event that prompts a friend to become a foe.

If you find honey, eat what suffices you, lest you have surfeit on it and vomit it up. (Proverb 25:16)

Treat a friend with moderation, so you do not over-cultivate the relationship and foist yourself upon them. If you are never away from their door, your presence intrudes on their privacy and leisure. Instead of enriching his life, you will take away from it. He will have enough of you and come to resent your interference by seeking him out too frequently.

Moderation is not what is happening right now with the mass Exodus taking place in large numbers of refugees from Western Asia to Europe.  Either was there any moderation in the large numbers of refugees in a mass exodus after World War II..

We read every day about displaced Jews who left Europe to immigrate to Israel and the resulting conflicts with Palestinians. We read in the news of the consternation of US citizens about illegal immigrants flowing into the USA. Many claiming social benefits being paid by USA taxpayers. Also, complaints by unions and workers because immigrants work for less, the union or middle class standard of living wages and job opportunities diminished.

Yet Germany and Sweden are or have been welcoming the displaced immigrants fleeing the Mid-East to go to Germany, while the Bishop in Hungary is complaining to the Pope they are being invaded. Why the difference of opinions of the asylum seekers being considered friend or foe?

In my opinion, the reason relates to what I term the Abortion Factor. Do these statistics reveal a correlation as to why some countries will welcome the asylum seekers while others will not? Allow me to explain and then you decide?

        Abortion Factor Statistics for these World Areas  

       World Area           Included Country                                            

  1. Eastern Europe……(Hungary)………………..43/1000    
  2. Central Caribbean…(Mexico) …………….. 29/1000
  3. Western Asia………(Syria)…………….…..26/1000
  4. Northern America…(USA) ………………..19/1000
  5. Northern Europe……..(Sweden)………….17/1000
  6. Western Europe …..(Germany)…………12/1000

Purpose of this Post Series.

If you are now thinking I am about to judge or bash anyone for aborting a child, you are mistaken. The purpose will be to relate how our Creator gave us Two Divine Blessings when He created us, love and wisdom. In my opinion, we seem to focus more on love than wisdom when we need both.

For example, a song became popular, and was sung out and displayed with a group of singers from every nation holding hands singing this beginning verse.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love
No, not just for some but for everyone 

I agree with the song verses except I modified the song message in my post motto to state this.

What the world needs now in addition to love is wisdom.

If you are interested I will explain in a series of posts why I believe these statistics along with other related factors recognized by King Solomon three thousand years ago, are still relevant today.

In my opinion, what we now need to do when we read and hear current news reports, is  correlate the factors and make use of the wisdom learned over the ages. Hopefully, with love and wisdom, we may in time begin to make our world a better place instead of continually repeating the same follies recorded throughout history.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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