Do you want to know why now is the Same O, Same O, time in history?

In my last post, King Solomon, Refugee Exodus. Abortion Root Cause, I stated I would explore the King Solomon Ecclesiastes Three about the wisdom of time.

A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

I also stated the Abortion Factor is the root cause of all human folly.

If anyone wants to learn about the history of love and wisdom, and human folly, the best book to read the Bible. Many books have been written since about history, but none, in my opinion, presnt a better perspective than the Bible.

Even atheists and other religious faith believers should read it because there is nothing stated in the Bible that will harm them. In fact some very great men in history who have read it were inspired to accomplish some wonderful things in their lives and are now revered in history.

For example, in recent history Abraham Lincoln, Mehta Gandhi, Martin Luther King. How or why did it inspire them? It was because they discerned the story of the lives of many of righteous men and women’s beliefs and actions of love and wisdom.

In the New Testament portion of the Bible is the story of Jesus Christ to inspire you with love. In the Old Testament portion there was King Solomon to inspire you with wisdom. And if you discern the actions of all the righteous and evil characters in the Bible, you will find most of them repeating the Same O stories of love, hate, peace and war.

My purpose of these blog posts is not to convert any reader to Christianity. It is to make a point about the wisdom of King Solomon in relation to his writings as an observer of humans and even insects.

He was blessed with wisdom and his writings are in now in the Bible sections of Proverbs, Song of Songs.  In the later part of life he recognized his follies and wrote his Ecclesiastes about the vanity of humans to chase after the wind in their lifetimes over and over to do the Same O, Same O.

In my opinion of time, because of the lessons of history and the new technology we have been blessed with over time, now may be the best time in all history for humans to end the  the Same O, Same O. repetitions of folly recorded over history.

How and Why you may be wondering? If we examine the story of King Solomon;s  wisdom and folly in the Old Testament, we can better discern why the Abortion Factor is the root problem of all human folly.

In my next post, I will explore more about King Solomon’s wisdom of what he observed about insects in relation to the current refugee exodus.

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Regards and goodwill blogging.

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