What do ants have to do with the title topics?

King Solomon wrote this proverb about ants.

Go to the ant, O sluggard, Observe her ways and be wise (Proverb 6:6)

There are many interpretations and analogies of this proverb in regards to the talents and powerful accomplishments of this small creature displays which we can learn.

A fellow blogger, Citizen Tom, recently wrote an excellent post to give you an idea of the remarkableness of ants HERE. He used an analogy of scout ants in relation to the power voters should emulate to rid inept politicians. when he stated. Maybe, however, if we study ants enough, maybe we can learn from them how to run a democracy peaceably.”

I will use ants in an analogy in relationship to the refugee exodus and the Abortion Factor. For example, if you study ants you find there are different types. I will focus on two types, the slave ants and the war ants.

Because this is a blog and readers prefer short explanations, I will only present a few Excerpts and another proverb below and the reference sources. I will explain the Abortion Factor in a few more posts. When I do, you decide if the conundrum of the Abortion Factor to being a clue to the root cause of all human folly.

Notice in these excerpts I highlighted certain words as clues  to my concerns. You decide if I am using ant analogy in a foolish context or perhaps a wise warning in regards to the refugee exodus.


Warnings against Foolishness

….be wise; learn wisdom of it, and be wiser than that, as the Septuagint and Arabic versions: this is a mortification of proud men, that would be reckoned wise, to be sent to so despicable a creature to get wisdom from.


 ….the ant has been famous for centuries for its social habits foresight, economy and industry. Collecting their food at the proper seasons, they bite off the end of the grain to prevent it from germinating and lay it up in cells till needed. HERE

Slave Ants

This happens during in which slave-making ants attack neighboring ant nests, slaughter the adults and carry their unborn young home to their nest.  

War Ants

Most ant species will send individual scouts to find food sources and later recruit others from the colony to help; however, army ants dispatch a cooperative, leaderless group of foragers to detect and overwhelm the prey at once.

Does this Post promote Fear or a Bigotry?

I hope not. However, any country that accepts Muslims into their country is accepting a risk factor by doing so. In my previous post, King Solomon, Refugee Exodus, Fear and Bigotry, I explained some of the risks.

Not all Muslims pose the same risk as the 9/11 or Boston Bombers turned out to be.. However, Arabs consider King Solomon to be a prophet. Yet younger Muslims are leaving their parents and asylum countries to participate in jihad. Are they being influenced not to in their Mosques?

King Solomon wrote the first Chapter of his Proverbs as advice for young men.

10 My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.

11 If they say, Come with us, let us lay wait for blood, let us lurk privily for the innocent without cause:

President Obama is now making plans to allow Muslim Syrian refugees in the USA. Is this wise?

I say to ask the innocent  victims and their families of  9/11, r the Boston bombers, etc.if it is worth the risk. Also ask the leaders of Homeland Security. Also ask Muslim leaders in the USA if they are promoting the Prophet King Solomon’s proverbial advice to their young men not to join jihad. If not, why?

My Next Post

In my next post I will explore King Solomon’s wise and foolish actions during his reign. The Abortion Factor did not play any part, however, his observations of life and advice are the foundation to help understand the conundrum of the Abortion Factor being the root cause of all human folly.

Regards and goodwill blogging

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