How do ancient laws versus today’s laws compare to relate to the Abortion Factor?

In my last post, King Solomon, His Wisdom and Folly, Refugee Exodus, I stated I would explore laws.  In this post I will compare King Solomon role in laws to today’s present laws, and focus on the Supreme Court role.

King Solomon used Moses Laws and the Ten Commandments for guidance.  His role as King was to be a final judge, similar to the role as our Supreme Court Justices.

The Supreme Court is part of a number of various Law Divisions and types of USA laws referenced below. Their guideline is mainly the Constitution and prior legal decisions to use to help guide their final decisions.

In my opinion, these two Supreme Court decisions were foolish.


Dred Scott v Sanford      Year 1857

Issue: Slavery

Constitution Says: “ … all men are created equal.”

SC Said: Negros are not citizens, they are property of their owners.

  Later Result: The decision proved to be an indirect catalyst for the American Civil War, Civil Rights Act of 1966, the 14th Amendment to the Constitution which gave African Americans full citizenship.


 Roe v Wade                           Year 1973

Issue: Abortion Rights

Constitution Says:  Nothing specific about Abortion Rights

SC Said:  “Privacy, due process of law, and extended (interpreted) the 14th Amendment right to a woman’s decision to have a baby.”

Later Result: In today’s news in the USA, we still are reading about the division of pro-life and pro- choice grassroots movements on both sides debating when life begins.

In my personal opinion, ultrasound was invented in 1956, seventeen years before the Roe v Wade decision, and is now commonly used for prenatal medical prenatal care. After seven weeks of pregnancy a heartbeat and sound is detected and visible on a monitor. My intention is not meant to be facetious by stating we should consider the Duck Test to determine when life begins.

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

Law Comparisons

In ancient times Judges mainly judged contracts. Many archeology finds of writings are written agreements of contracts. If a person intentionally killed someone, the murderer(s) would be subject to avengement by relatives or tribes of the murdered person.

Today, in the USA toolbox are various divisions of laws you will see a numerous number of the different types of law divisions. If you studied law, you will understand what a Judge needs to interpret a law in order to make a decision or establish blame or penalties.

For example, in Tort law, evidence in writing such as a written contract or proof of a person’s actions as evidence of the contract. In criminal law, due process is required.. The Supreme Court focuses on the US Constitution or a previous decision, to decide their opinions of a matter in dispute.

Due Process

A fellow blogger, Citizen Tom, wrote an excellent post titled‘What is the Law of the Land, HERE. In it he referenced a source with this statement about due process.

“The boundaries of due process are not fixed and are subject of endless judicial interpretation and decision making.”

Psychological Effects of Laws

Laws also effect attitude and behavior according to a explanation referenced below. In other words, if the law states it is legal, a person’s attitude may lead them to decide on a behavior, For example, if the law states an action is legal or permissible, then it must be okay to consider doing.

Are our young men and women being influenced by the recent controversial laws to legalize marihuana, gay marriage, and abortion? The article states that young people generally were more inclined than older people to change their views following a legal change. Polls reveal many young people lean toward favorable approval attitudes about these issues.

When the Supreme Court makes a foolish decision, the result is a multitude of repetitious folly multiplied by the number of years until remedied.

Conundrums of Laws    

One recent example of the conundrum of due process interpretation is the recent example of Kim Davis, the Kentucky Clerk jailed for refusing to administer marriage licenses because she believed the gay marriage law violate her religious beliefs. The question arises, which laws take priority, laws of God or laws of man?

The Supreme Court also recently ruled on an issue arising from the Ten Commandments in 2005, Van Orden v. Perry, also reference below which frankly in my opinion only adds more confusion about what history has to do with religious rights of display the morals and rules of conduct written in Ten Commandments.

This same conundrum of due process applies to how the Supreme Court interpreted Slavery to be legal based on the Constitution and Abortion to be legal based on the laws of God, in the Sixth Commandment. Thou shalt not kill.

King Solomon

After he reviewed numerous human actions he either participated in or observed about the conundrums of human behaviors, he  concluded with this advice.

Ecclesiastes Twelve Verses 13, 14

Now all has been heard;
here is the conclusion of the matter:

Fear God and keep his commandments,
for this is the duty of all mankind.

 For God will bring every deed into judgment,
    including every hidden thing,
    whether it is good or evil.

King Solomon and the Supreme Court are humans and some of their actions may be judged as follies, hidden things, or good and evil.

In my Opinion

Before the Supreme Court interprets any conundrums in regards to laws for our nation, they should at least consider the laws of God to accommodate religious believer’s views. Especially when they go off on their own to make laws not specifically stated in the Constitution and instead interpret laws and perhaps being influenced by the politics of the times.

Also, consider the song sung on the steps of the Capital Building by our politician congressman on 9/11. It was God Bless America.

Future Supreme Court candidates, take notice. Politicians confirm all new appointees to the Supreme Court.

In My Next Post

I will explore the statistics of the Abortion Factor about the different reasons the numbers reveal in relation to the Refugee Exodus. Also I will reveal a King Solomon Proverb to consider. Then In the following next post I will explain why, in my opinion, the Abortion Factor is the root cause of all human folly.

Regards and goodwill blogging.


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