Abortion Factor Statistics for these World Areas  

       World Area           Included Country                                            

  1. Eastern Europe……(Hungary)………………..43/1000    
  2. Central Caribbean…(Mexico) …………….. 29/1000
  3. Western Asia………(Syria)…………….…..26/1000
  4. Northern America…(USA) ………………..19/1000
  5. Northern Europe……..(Sweden)………….17/1000
  6. Western Europe …..(Germany)…………12/1000

Who said anyone who states he or she knows the root cause of all evil is ridiculous?

Richard Dawkins said it in his ideology that humanity would be better off without religion. However he stated evil, versus my statement folly. You decide if the issue of abortion is both evil and folly after you read this post.

My statement is the Abortion Factor is the root cause of all folly. Whether the folly is the result of an evil influence, a failing of human morality, or a lack of wisdom makes no difference. Folly is folly is folly.

When a person refers to the word root, he or she wants to address the very beginning or most vital part of a growth matter, whether it be a plant, animal, or a person causing a problem, or an ideology. Kill the root and the living matter will die. However, if you attempt to kill the root of a righteous moral ideology of a person, you may succeed in killing the person, but not always their moral ideology. For example, Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King.

My purpose in choosing the Abortion Factor as the root cause of all human folly is to expose abortion for what it really is. It is killing a baby forming in the womb of a woman to prevent a child from being born. Also, my purpose is to expose the folly that abortion is a Right, when in fact, it is a moral failing attributed the ideology of a secular society..

Thou Shalt Not Kill, Why is Killing Immoral?

A religious philosophical answer is because every life is sacred.

A secular answer is because it is against the law.

Regardless of your ideology, I believe everyone will agree the  impact of killing can result in  hatred, violence, revenge,  war, grief, sorrow, loss of faith, dehumanization, grief, sorrow, guilt, desensitization, mental problems, PTSD, etc. etc.

For example, the impact of war has resulted in present largest refugee migration taking place since WWII.

Abortion Factor

The Abortion Factor is statistical evidence of the failings of a secular ideology in government to approve killing as a lawful alternative to acceptance of moral responsibility. Laws affect attitude and behavior. Infallible Laws of God, namely the Ten Commandments, command a person to be responsible for their moral behavior.

Supreme Court

Certain Supreme Court Justices have refused to rule on death sentences because they believed the death penalty is immoral.  However, they interpreted abortion is not killing. Instead, it is a mother’s Right to decide to end the life forming in her womb.

In other words, they decided to interpret that abortion is not killing a fetus in spite of evidence of a heart beat at seven weeks. The result is since 1973, over one half billion abortions have resulted in the USA. This is spite of the words written in the Declaration of Independence stated of the belief every person has a Right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Why is the Abortion Factor the Root Cause of all Human Folly?

Because the statistics reveal the failings of a nation’s moralities. Moralities being defined as a particular system of values or principals of conduct, especially held by a specified person or society. Principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.

The varied higher or lower rates shown in the statistics does not necessarily indicate the reasons for abortion.  There are various reasons as explained in previous posts. What it does indicate is the nation’s approval of abortion as a lawful remedy for a free will behavior and a decision to avoid responsibility for their actions.

By approving killing as a Right, it desensitizes the society to consider killing as a solution instead of a violation of God’s Commandment, Thou shalt not Kill.

In other words, a society who passes a law to approve killing a baby in a mother’s womb as a Right, sends a subliminal message that killing is a rightful solution as a means to an end. That refutes the belief that all lives are sacred. Altering the definition from kill a child, to abort a child, was a cunning, perhaps even an evil folly to convey (interpret) a Right into the 14th Amendment to appease a secularist ideology.

Someone might argue that a failure of education, not the Abortion Factor, is the root cause of all folly. I would answer his or her premise with this explanation.

Consider the meaning of root being the vital means of nourishment to a tree (child). Then imagine every pro and con, or good or bad element the branch or leave will be exposed to be branches or leaves on the tree during the life of the tree. Whether it is the joy or sorrows the tree will experience in life, or the good or bad elements that will be experience such as poverty or wealth, hope or despair, accomplishments or failures, etc. etc.

However, if the root is killed, there will never be any possibility of branches or leaves ever given an opportunity to grow and experience life, on his or her tree of life. That is why I consider the Abortion Factor to be the root cause of all human folly.  

In My Opinion

The Supreme Court should reverse the Roe v.Wade decision. If the USA wants to accept abortion as a Right, then pass an Amendment to add in the Constitution. I doubt that will ever be possible because of the continued controversy over this issue forty two years after the decision. Can you imagine a pro-choice Congressman try today to defend a law which resulted in the killing of fifty seven million babies in the USA?

That number would be drastically reduced if the person responsible for making babies was made to pay the costs rather than taxpayers.  I explained my reasoning in a previous post HERE

Would there be exceptions? Yes, the reality of life always has exceptions. However, that is another topic, too long to discuss in this now  lengthy blog post.

My Advice to Richard Dawkins


In my opinion, your philosophy that the world would be better off without religion is folly.

When you compare the statistics in the last century of the result of secularist ideology to religion ideology in this Excerpt


“The secularist ideology to which I refer, of course, is abortionism. Indeed, the modern bioethical holocaust has eclipsed the carnage of Nazism and communism combined.”

“Even apart from the ongoing genocide of the unborn, over one hundred million people died at the hands of secularist regimes during the twentieth century. Coupled with recognition of the innumerable humanitarian aid efforts motivated by religious commitments, these statistics should motivate secularists toward humble introspection, rather than haughty inculpation of religion.” Source Here

Religious vrs. Secularist Ideology


Richard Dawkins, the root of your folly can be explained with the explanations in two of my previous posts.

King Solomon, Psychological Set, Atheism, War HERE 

King Solomon on Intellectual Fools HERE  .

Readers, You Decide

Would the world be a better place if we all agreed to take a time out and stop killing to begin negotiating the issues instead of killing innocent people?

Would any person or nation really benefit by war if every nation banded together not to trade with them?

Would instead of a death penalty, a life sentence making a murderer work in prison at a minimum wage to sew uniforms and clothing for government or institutional needs? Then make the prisoners divide up their wages to pay to take a portion for the expenses to jail (rent), feed, and cloth him and pay for his TV entertainment. Better yet have the media display a reality show depicting their lives as an example for anyone contemplating murder. If a murderer refuses to work, feed them bread water and a vitamin pill in their cell with no books or TV. In other words give them the same choices and reality we free people have to do every day in the reality of our lives including having to pay taxes to jail them.

Would every religious leader meet together to agree on just one common religious doctrine only to preach to their followers? Thou shalt not kill.

In other words, would the world benefit with contemporary applications of the wisdom King Solomon wrote about of his observations of people? I believe so because in his forty reign three thousand years ago, peace and prosperity prevailed.

Regards and goodwill blogging. 

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