Three words and two songs provide the wisest messages of advice every young couple should consider about chastity when dating before marriage.

The reality in today’s world for young men and women is that it is a major challenge for  them to practice chastity before marriage. They are constantly being bombarded with influences  by the media portraying pornography along with enticement song messages from every angle to sway their attitudes and behavior away from the virtues of chastity before marriage.

Four thousand years ago, a mother gave this profound wise advice to her daughter that is still relevant today.

“Intercourse brings lactation.”

Three thousand years ago, King Solomon wrote a passionate love song to his  betrothed wife with this verse of advice addressed to all daughters to heed before marriage.

I want you to swear, O daughters of Jerusalem. Do not arouse or awaken my love, until she pleases. (Song of Songs 8:4)

(I interpret “she” to be the Goddess of Wisdom)

In 1977 this song was published, and in my opinion, is the greatest contemporary love song ever composed about the wisdom of chastity before marriage. It is still popular today and disc jockeys at weddings are frequently requested to play it at many weddings.

Listen to the wise questioning of the young woman in the later part of the song to the young man courting her. HERE

Then decide if the young man made a wise decision by the thoughts he sings out at the song ending. Then decide if he made a wise virtuous choice of a marriage partner or did e another force  or motive influence his choice?.

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