Dear Honorable President Obama, If you want to reduce killing in the USA…………

The latest headline news is another episode of a mass killing in the USA. President Obama and every American is rightfully angry and frustrated. All kinds of stones are being slung out in different directions as being the causes for all the killings happening.  For example, the power of the NRA, the deficiencies to help improve mental health, poverty, education, immigration enforcement, job opportunities, trade deficits, health care, bigotry, race relations, national and personal debt, news media, STD, etc. etc.

What to do? Where to even begin to look for a clue to help find solutions to help solve all the killing issues and a lot more?  We can’t call Ghostbusters for help to vacuum up the issues because they are fiction, we need reality to fix these problems.

In my opinion there is a pragmatic clue of where and how and what to do, or what not to do. The answer is available if he would listen and discern what I am about to explain.

In order to begin my explanation, I believe it best to start with this King Solomon Proverb to consider.

It is like tying a stone in a sling, when one accords honor to a fool. (Proverb, 26:8) 

It is a nonsense and an absurdity to tie a stone in a sling, for a stone is put in a sling so that it may be ejected, and the same degree of incoherence and contradiction attaches to the act of accrediting honor (awards) to a fool. (Proverbs Mc Kane)

In My Next Post 

I will define what stones (awards) are being ejected to honor fools in the USA. Also what are the  stones (awards) being tied up in the President Obama’s sling?.

Regards and goodwill blogging.