Dear Honorable President Obama, If you want to reduce killing in the USA…………

In my last post, I stated I would explain what stones (awards) are being ejected to honor fools in the USA. Also, what are the stones being tied up in President Obama’s sling?

Stones (Awards) to Honor Fools    

Whenever the news media reports the names of murderers in a sensational manner, or a shoot up movie, a song, a drug user or seller depicted as a hero rather than an antagonist fool, it may serve to stimulate fantasy or an urge to emulate the action in the eyes of impressionable fools or mentally unstable persons.

We may not consider these things awards. However, for someone desperate for attention, they may consider that, by emulating the actions, they will be awarded what they are seeking most in their lives. It could be a love, care, recognition, or attention to a personal need, cause, or ideology.

How great is the risk? I do not know a statistical factors, but according to two reports listed below, Causes of deathc were as follows; 46, 471 Drug Related,  41,145  Suicide, 33,636   Firearms,  29,001 Allcohol Induced 16,121 Homicides of which 11,208 were firearm homicides and  2.1 million people a year are treated in emergency rooms as a result of an assault. That indicates to me there are risks involved from violent, impressionable, or mentally unstable people walking around in our nation of 340 million.

What should the President do in a nation that honors freedom? Freedom, for its citizens to make free will, good or bad personal choices, some which can cause harm to others.

Two Award Medals (Stones) Being Tied Up in a Sling 

If you check how many different types of Government National Awards are being awarded to individuals for various Meritorious Acts or Accomplishments, you will find there are approximately 500 different categories of medals or awards.

However, in my opinion, the most vital awards are missing. I believe the President as well as everyone else in our nation, need to both recognize and release these tied up stones.

In My Next Post 

I will explore more about the Proverb of tied up stones in our nation. You decide if perhaps slinging these stones will help reduce killings in our nation.

However, to first warm you up to my next post, I ask you to listen to this story advice being sung our in this song. HERE   

Regards and goodwill blogging.