Dear Honorable President Obama, If you want to reduce killing in the USA…………

In my previous post I stated I will explore more of the Proverb about honor and stones being tied in a sling, and I asked you to listen to a song.

If you listened to the message in the song, it  emphasized these four considerations.

  1. Accentuate the Positive 

President Obama, you are the elected leader of our nation.  A nation which was established by our founders in a bold experiment of freedom which has produced some of the greatest accomplishments in history in the short span of its existence. The course you plan will affect the lives and livelihoods today and the future of over three hundred million people in the USA and perhaps countless millions around the world.

As a leader, use your office to honor and encourage the finest in your nation, seek justice and punish the worse, and manage your best according to the established laws of the gifted founders of our nation written in the Constitution and preserved with the blood of many heroes.

Do not waste one moment of your time in office. Use your time and Presidential powers to make only best uses of the great resources of people and land ever given to any leader in history.

  1. Eliminate the Negative 

The negative in our nation are those who will break the law or knowingly kill another human being as a means to achieve an end. The solution is to eliminate their freedom to intimidate victims of law abiding citizens of our nation.

Begin by enlisting the aid of the mass media to send daily public awareness messages to broadcast the consequences of killing. For example, mandatory jail sentences for unlawful use of a weapon. Messages to explain what their life will be like when they are convicted.

Also daily public awareness messages of where to seek help if they are a drug user, alcoholic, or contemplating suicide. Messages of the statistics and risks of contracting communicable diseases such as AIDS and STD. The CDC has issued warnings of the present epidemics of drugs and STD, right now affecting our nation. How many people are even aware of these two epidemics?

It pays to advertise. Mass media public awareness messages should be done free of charge to the Government that has the power to license programming over our nation’s air waves. If a media source will not help you, make it known that the number of public awareness messages will be a consideration of granting licenses in the future.

Ask all news sources to begin describing the name of anyone convicted of a felony to use add the word, fool, to their name. For example, Mr. Jones, a fool for being convicted of ……….. In other words, start spreading the truth of what a lawbreaker really has become when he or she has made a foolish decision and has been convicted pf a crime, they are fools, not heroes.

Again, it pays to advertise. In other words, Mr. President, untie all your stones and start advertising how you aim to honor your good stones, and advertise where you aim to throw the bad stones from your sling.

  1. Latch on to the Affirmative 

I am no longer a licensed gun owner, however I believe there is a reason why our nation’s founders included the right to own guns. For example, can you imagine the look of terror in the eyes of an enemy who invades the USA while walking around a nation that has 400 million guns in the hands of some very angry people who lost their freedom and Rights?

In Chicago, your home town Mr. President, a elderly man living in a high crime area, sued and won a Supreme Court Ruling for the right to own a gun to protect himself from a home invasion. You President Obama, and many other well-meaning people want to remove guns but do not live in high crime areas. You may have good intentions that are not streetwise practical or prudent.

People living in high gang crime areas, Chicago for example, know if they witness a crime and become a witness, they and their family will be at risk of harm from the accused and/or his gang. They also know the police will not be able to protect them. They do not have the options of leaving Chicago as many wealthy well-meaning people have.

As for the NRA, when you consider they are protected by the Constitution, and it will never be practical to ever succeed in confiscating 400 million guns  regardless of any law. A few states have passed laws to make it a felony violation to not turn in guns have only successfully convinced four percent of gun owners to obey their law.

Stringent licenses to try to prevent someone known to have a violent past or mental illness may help. However, it is foolish to allow anyone to buy a gunn at a gun show without the same stringent license requirements.

  1. Don’t Mess with Mr. In Between 

Mr. President, there are a lot of Mr. In-Betweens, namely evil people, evil influences, or evil sources you should not mess with. I will only mention one.

Don’t mess with Mr. Vanity. Mr. Vanity will make you believe that you can interpret to know better what is best for our nation than the founders of our Constitution and the laws you swore to uphold when you took office. Vanity is the main force that drives people to use their short time spans in life to chase after the wind. 

You also know from your experience as social organizer the value of groups of people to support you.  Use you time and the sling given you as President, to honor and encourage Americans to follow with you to uphold the laws of our nation, rather than fight against the laws you were elected to govern and enforce.

Americans by large, are not fools. They know in their hearts who is a good or bad leader. Do what is right and just and they will support you. In my opinion, strive and make use of the two vital stones and perhaps even the result of this Proverb will occur during your term as President.

When a man’s ways are pleasing to the Lord, He makes even his enemies be at peace with him. (Proverb 16:7) 

Vital Stones 

Mr. President, the vital stones you need are readily available and have been for thousands of years.  Untie these stones from your sling and sling these two stones all over the nation. 

The first stone is the first word of an award (stone) you already honored a Company. Perhaps some power was trying to give you a clue to follow when you gave out this award. It is in the first word in the name of the Company that you honored. In my opinion, it is a travesty that there is no recognition for this stone in any of the 500 awards listed in the National Awards Listings.

Mr. President, look again at the first word and I will pray you make use of it. HERE 

The second word is the greatest thing every past and future leader has had or will ever have to help guide their actions and be honored and emulated. There also is no National Award for this word. It can be found is the last sentence sung in this song. HERE 

Mr. President, untie these two stones from your sling and start slinging during the short time left in your term as President.

In my opinion, we all need to untie and sling out our own wisdom and love stones every day in our short times of our lives.

Regards and goodwill blogging.  

PS If you agree with this post, copy it and email it to President Obama HERE

I sent it but if only one person sends him this post, the chances are slim the message will ever get to him  However, perhaps if more than one send it, a miracle could happen, he may read it. 

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