What wise accessories should you consider when you gift someone a gun this Christmas?

According to an October 12, 2015 American Rifleman magazine article, the highest sales month for guns is December. One would have to assume the reason is because a purchaser is considering giving a gun as a Christmas present to someone. For example, in December, 2012, at 2,783,765 guns were sold.

Some gifts require an accessory be given with the gift. For example, put a penny in a purse you give for good luck. If you buy and electronic toy, you may want to add batteries with your gift. With a gun, you may consider giving a gun holster or some bullets or a lockbox or gunlock to store your gift.

What would be a wise accessory is a matter of thinking about the practical, prudent, or discretional uses of the gift you are giving.

The Original Christmas Gifts

Two thousand years ago, three wise men brought three accessories to celebrate a birth. Legend is they were from the East and may have been the result of an ongoing relationship stemming from the meeting of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba one thousand years prior to the birth.

The three gifts they brought were gold, frankincense, and myrrh. There are many interpretations, religious or otherwise to the significance or meaning of these three gifts. I will explain the practical use only.

Gold, to bring enhance comfort of body, frankincense to enhance their spiritual needs, and myrrh, both a pleasant environment during life and an apothecary to mask the pungent smell at death.

Practical Gun Gift Accessories

So what should you consider an accessory to give someone today when you gift them with a gun? In my opinion you should consider these three items.

  1. An insurance policy for them if you know they plan to use hunting or self-protection. That is because in today’s modern world, if someone accidentally shoots an innocent somebody, they are likely to be sued by the injured party or their relative.
  2. A home umbrella insurance policy for yourself if the person you give the gun if he or she is legally under aged. You might lose your home.
  3. A medical health and/or death insurance policy for any child that may visit you and accidentally find and shoot your gun accidently.

Purpose of this Post

I am not stating it was foolish of the elderly man in Chicago who lived in a high crime area and sued and won a Supreme Court decision to uphold his right to own a gun. He has a right to defend himself from a home invasion. He probably will not be blamed or sued if he shoots the home invader in his house. However, if he takes his gun with him to walk down to the corner store and shoots someone, he is going to need a lawyer to defend him from true or false allegations, and that may cost him big bucks.

So think wisely again about that gun you want to buy as a gift and the potential consequences. In my opinion you will need the same three gifts the wise men gave at Christmas.

  1. The benefactor of your gift will need gold (money) to pay a gun license, hopefully gun training fees how to use safely, and perhaps a doctor or lawyer if they do not.
  2. Frankincense to help heal their spirit and your guilty conscious if the result of your gift turns out to bring about a foolish or accidental harm to an innocent person.
  3. Myrrh for the undertaker of the victim. However, keep in mind, that if something dreadful happens to anyone, there will never be any perfume to cover up the scent of foolishness. (See my previous post below. King Solomon, Something Stinks.)

King Solomon, The Beginning of Knowledge (Proverbs 1:3-5,)

To receive instruction in wise behavior, righteousness, justice and equity; to give prudence to the naïve. To the youth knowledge and discretion. A wise man will hear and increase in learning, And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel.

Regards and goodwill blogging.